About $öU

$öU is my nickname (pronounced Sou of course) and it’s also kind of short for Souraksha.

I live in Mauritius and I’ve graduated  in BSc (Hons) Information Systems at the University of Mauritius in 2008. I’m actually undertaking my Masters studies at the same university in Project Management.

I’ve started my career as web developer at Netgroup and then moved to Cahri Studio Ltd, to pursue with web development but also to discover iphone apps development. I am at present Senior Software Engineer at Orinux (Mauritius) Ltd, now looking forward to experience about team leading and project management.

I have started this blog as I usually tend to think a lot about things and this is the way to put them into words… I believe I express myself much better in written that in spoken so that’s it my blog is born but strangely thoughts tend to be rare lol

Well much more details about me will be on the blog and of course the links… Oh and before I stop let me specify that nothing I am writing is specifically pointing to anyone or anything it is simply my personal view on any subject  – no offence meant to anyone here.

P.S: some of the pictures in my blog are from deviantArt and I’ve been linking them to their original page for every viewer to really appreciate and recognise the true artist behind. And if ever you haven’t discovered deviantArt yet, do make a stop at the website, it’s a real heaven for art lovers 😉

  1. Hmmm… just for the record, ur nickname is Sousou avec beaucoup du thym, persil, l’ail Zingembre!!! 🙂 hope u’re good!

  2. Cool blog Bebs…

  3. Hey…i really enjoyed going through ur blog and it is great…keep on and all the best.
    Palden Gyal

  4. Thanks Palden that’s some great encouragement! I’ll check out your blog soon too 😉

  5. If it was up to me I’d add Sou as short for glamour in the dictionary.

  6. Oh ! Geez! You make me blush there. Thanks 🙂

  7. Your writings are honest and neutral. Your english is simple and clear, it’s a pleasure reading.

  8. ^_^ thanks cousin it’s sooo encouraging! Muah!

  9. It is a nice blog you got there :)….You seem creative with a nice personality…. I always see you smiling ;-). Keep it up! That’s the way to live life 🙂

  10. Thanks Nisha so nice of you ^_^

  11. you are so gorgeous.

  12. 😳 thanx Mr.

    That’s unexpected but pleasant 😉

  13. zt’s my pleasure.. 😉

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