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Let me be

In In my mind on April 30, 2012 at 9:01 pm

For one moment

Let me be that little girl

In need of affection

Who you’ll hold on to,

Wishing to protect her and keep her warm

For one moment

Let me be that lady

Who makes your dreams a reality

And who you’ll treat as your queen.

For one moment

Just let me be

That one and only

And let me feel

Happy to be me

For one moment

One single moment

Let this be that time

Where your world also becomes mine.

For one moment

Let me just be

Let me just exist

In the wonder that

You’re there for me…


In General thoughts on November 19, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Those of you who understand creole will find it either iconic that Sou writes about intoxication or maybe ironic. (Sou in creole means being in a drunken state)

Rest assured friends, this intoxication ain’t vicious or obnoxious (or is it?).

I believe it’s the worst of all. Why? Let me first describe what kind of intoxication I’m referring to here. It’s an age old addiction that strikes without warning, that kicks you off so bad, waking up from it becomes very difficult.

It’s that very intoxication that keeps you wide awake. Makes you hyper and in one second makes you desperate. Its such an addiction that wherever you go, your mind is focused on it. Everywhere, every time your thoughts revolve around it.

I believe by now, some might have had a guess at what I’m describing, while others are totally lost. I’m actually discussing about that thing they call love or attraction or infatuation – it still has to be diagnosed in my case.

And if this is the worst intoxication,  it’s because there ain’t any dis-intoxication for that. You might very well try to think of other things, distance yourself or even discourage yourself about pursuing with that endeavour but it’s completely useless.

Someone told me once that the heart is stubborn. I’m literally agreeing to that, after days of fighting between my mind and heart. There ain’t any compromise found yet. It will either kill me or save me. Time only will tell.

Don’t think that it happens to only emotional fools. Oh no! It’s so unpredictable, I’m still wondering how and when it happened.

It’s so intoxicating, it’s making me useless. Ironically, at first, I was not elated by this truth but got totally lost. Lost in a maze of questions, hopes and fears. Yet, I’ve found that accepting it is the best I could do. Making it my strength and reason to feel good every day. Yes, I’m lost in that intoxication but I’m happy it struck me. I’m happy for the different vision of life it brings me. Though I haven’t figured out how this will evolve, I’m trying an age old cure to that : patience. Hoping this intoxication doesn’t make me weak and desperate again…

More than a friend, yet not a lover

In In my mind on November 16, 2011 at 9:49 am

You’ve been one of those surprises of life

Which unfold themselves slowly with time,

Evoking admiration, affection and decline

For yet another person in my heart.

Yet you’ve been that light and shine,

That support when I’ve been hanging on the line,

That wish for staying a bit more alive,

That reason that made me smile…

This might seem like a love declaration,

Yes, it is but I wish it to remain pure,

To keep its innocence and initial essence

As my love for you is only sweet affection.

How do we describe it, how is it called,

This I’m not being able to decide.

In such short time, we’ve been laughing,

Crying and sharing so much emotions.

It might be this emotional fool in me

That’s making all this fuss about you and me,

Yet now that our ways are to part,

To you I had to pour my heart.

Thank you for the sunny days,

The smile on your face,

And the deep look in your eyes.

All those special things that make you

More than a friend, yet not a lover…

Life is not always candy sweet

In General thoughts on June 2, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I might have been too innocent to believe in life being “all is well” or maybe too surrealistic. Closed in my bubble, happy as can be. I had forgotten that any little bump could break it all.

Hence the fall was sudden and deep. An abrupt awakening to the hardships of life. Though I try to build up that cocoon again, it won’t be the same. I guess this is what is called growing up…

Nothing’s really given, everything is achieved. Maybe before I didn’t realise the efforts I had to put in to realise my dreams, maybe then the meaning of walking towards my dreams was totally different. It’s only when you stand helpless to your weaknesses that you discover your real strengths. Yes, life is not always candy sweet, it can be so bitter, you feel you’ve lost.

Then a new day is born and you feel the warmth of life caressing you, as if making up for being so hard on you. Out of fear of being hurt again, you try to resist but since we all wish to live, you come back on track.

It might not be a rosy journey but it is a beautiful story of woven bonds and relationships. Some break while others tighten up unexpectedly. So far, in this battle to keep smiling, all I wish is to make others happy because in their joy I’ve found some of mine too. Until the sun shines again and my bubble flies again, I shall keep faith and even if I sink into despair, I hope to be saved by  some helping soul…

Romance isn’t dumb at all

In General thoughts on June 7, 2010 at 7:32 pm

There might be a common thought that romance is only for girls or sissies. It has always been hard for some men to acknowledge their true feelings and express them out – fearing this would kill their manly image. Well guess what guys, romance is nothing demeaning at all, specially for your loads of testosterone!

Though being romantic requires you to be sentimental, it doesn’t mean you should get all emotional and break into tears for her. We are not even asking you to effeminate your behaviours. Romance is about yourself and showing your love to your beloved. There is no ONE way to be romantic, though there are classics – flowers, soft music, champagne, chocolates etc. A romantic gesture can vary from a very simple hands holding to the big show like candle light dinner with a violinist playing while you share champagne with her.

Anyways, these are also cliches. Romance varies between couples. At times it’s unspoken words that do it all by simply exchanging looks or doing little things like remembering what he/she likes to eat and bring it in for lunch/dinner. If we think about it, it’s how you actually show to the other person that he/she counts.

Romance happens everyday and it’s how it makes couples last. Also it’s quite wrong to think that it kills the libido. On contrary, it might very well lead you to some happy hours in bed (or anywhere else. 😉 ) later on. It’s always so great to know you’re special to someone and it’s even better when you’re being told or showed. Romance could be described like the special way for lovers to turn their partners into stars. It brings out their uniqueness in the spotlight.

It could also be considered as the language of love but which can be spoken in various different ways by anyone (even machos). You just need to find your own local version. 😉 Remember that memories are life’s best treasures and romance makes memories the best treasures ever! So go ahead and be romantic in you own special way.

A day for love

In Events, General thoughts on February 14, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Every 14 February, the world celebrates Valentine’s day. A day for lovers, a day to offer gifts and show your love to your beloved one(s).

Though it has grown into a commercial event, it’s always a pleasure to offer a present to your most precious one. Besides, I believe if there were no events like Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, we would have simply got carried away by life’s routine.

These events come as ‘exucses’ or ‘occasions’ to express our feelings – of which we might lose the grasp as time passes. It’s an occasion to reflect also on how much that person is important for us and how long you’ve been together, living happy and sad times.

This year try to find in Valentine’s day not only a day to offer a gift (as formality) but also a day to ponder on how lucky you are to have found love. Having someone to support you, to shoulder you, to protect you is the most wonderful gift of love. Don’t let it go by taking him/her for granted. Being with someone does not mean no more attention, no more flirt or no more romance. It takes two to tango and so does it to maintain a relationship. Make the most of what life offers and make most of your days Valentine’s gifts.

It’s true to find it difficult to spend every day immersed in his/her love – one has to be practical. Yet, take some time to show your love, by a sweet gesture, a kind word or an attentive ear. Remember that whatever you wish for in a relationship, you cannot get much if you don’t give some of yourself first. Open up your heart and let your love do the talking.

As we are celebrating this special day for love, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and most of all, a happy life full of love through!