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In General thoughts, Technology- our black magic on September 10, 2008 at 8:28 am

Everything today is based around the computer. People live behind masks in the Digital World. What lies behind the mask?
Digital World by darkthunder89

Humans are so complicated creatures and so is their life. Throughout these years, they have been evolving and creating – always seeking for innovations and new creations. Whatever has been done and is being done in this whole world has and will always have a direct impact on us.

Have we ever wondered how we could control all these influential forces that carve our lives and make us mere followers of a continuous and everlasting flow?

There might not be much we could do though because we depend on the world around us, we depend on what it gives us to advance and progress. However, if we are to come up with new creations, ideas, technologies, trends, fashion why don’t we also think of the consequences? Has everything become so commercial that it’s no use pondering what will be the after effect? Or maybe the after effect also shall become an opportunity to create for more new things…

I believe whatever I’ve been saying here has appeared a lot abstract and unreal, right? It’s just some thoughts that arose in my mind these last days when I was cut from the internet and my pc. I realized how much we’ve grown to depend on new technologies – cars, mp3s, pcs, mobile phones etc… What would we have been without those today? They’ve become essential things in our lives and no matter how sophisticated and expensive they get we always want to get them. It’s not greed though it’s just that we are following this world’s trends, needs and aspirations from us.

I don’t see any harm in using technologies to simplify our lives or entertain but I see it harmful when it concerns our youngsters – adolescents. I am not criticizing them – adolescence is such a phase of life where everything rebellious seems cool. However, with so many technologies, easily available, they tend to get absorbed by all the magic without realising about the consequences of their acts. Our new technologies have indeed created uproar in communications but all the freedom it offers now has made our youth too much independent. Independent because they have their own devices – pc, mobile phones, mp3s, mp4s etc… and because these have enabled them to create a whole digital world for themselves where they tend to shut themselves and avoid the world outside. It might seem too alarmist to state that this is dangerous because, after all, the whole world is turning digital… However, our youth is at risk in this digital world – let’s forget about pornography, identity misuse etc – let’s just focus on the consequences of having them enclosed in so much facilities. They forget about the real world around them. They get immersed in this whole new world where your identity is what you want it to be – today a rock star, tomorrow a movie star – where nothing is for real everything is for fun. Their upbringing is being done in this unreal world where all their young fantasies can become true but then, what happens in the real world? What happens when they try to live it up for real? That’s maybe the reason why youngsters are getting more difficult to control and understand – they are too much influenced. Is it parents’ fault, teachers’ fault, technologies’ fault? Or is it worth it anyway to find whom to blame?

Placing the blame won’t solve anything. Our youth is full of imagination, creativity and energy. Yes they should get along with new technologies. Yes they have the right to communicate with the rest of the world but they should also realise that this world is much more than mouse clicks or message transfers. We all need to realise it, in fact. Just once try to turn off the T.V. and the pc and have an evening with your loved ones. Just appreciate this real world with real people to talk to, real places to enjoy yourselves and mind you there’s nothing that can replace these moments of real experiences! Then maybe this will help us all in distinguishing the difference and become less addicted to technologies. Technologies are our tools let’s not let them lead our lives!