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Thumbs up Beijing!!!

In Events on September 12, 2008 at 6:41 pm



I know this post is a somewhat very late but due to some technical (and non-technical) problems I was unable to post on the Beijing Olympics.


Anyway, I believe it’s never too late to appraise the games given their splendour and grandeur! Yes, thumbs up to China which has been able to take the challenge and has given us wonderful games that was not only splendid in terms of ceremonies but also in terms of the game events themselves!


I have had the luck to follow the games and it was a wonderful time, believe me, though I was only in front of my T.V. It was fabulous to see so much efforts and enthusiasm put forward by the Chinese people to make these games a real success. From the ‘image and look’ – the banners, the torch’s design, the mascotts’ and their meaning, the pictograms, the infrastructures (The Bird’s Nest for instance) – to the games’ events where the athletes offered us a real demonstration of fair play and hard work being rewarded, everything was ideal to show the world that we all could be “One World, One Dream”.


Besides, how could we forget that these games also stand as history as our small island won its first ever Olympic medal through Bruno Julie (who’s by the way on Wikipedia already: click here) – the Mauritian magician – at boxing (bantamweight category).


Of course, we all have heard about the negative impact the games have had on small villages of China where some of them faced drought so that Beijing be supplied with water 24 hours. Yet, I believe any other hosting country would have made sacrifices but since China is being the imposing threat to great powers in the world it could have been a mediatic weapon, in a way, to expose such happenings. I am not however supporting the Chinese government about this, yet it would be unfair not to agree about the immense efforts put together by the Chinese to make the world vibrate on the rhythms of the games.


What has stroke me most about the games is the immense work undertaken in making the Olympic Theme, in designing the mascotts, the torch, the medals and all other things related to the games in such a way that it not only reflects the games’ spirit but also the rich culture of China (please see more details here). China has invested a LOT in the games and it would be a shame not to recognise this and acclaim the efforts positively!


Thanks Beijing, thanks China! Let’s hope it’s going to be as splendid in London and may one day we all really live in this world with this same games’ spirits, it would be just too marvelous!