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A message in a … gaze

In In my mind on March 24, 2012 at 2:32 pm

She seemed lost, looking here and there, seeking for something and in that mess in her mind, she suddenly felt a gaze fall upon her.

She initially ignored it and pursued with her own worries but that gaze wasn’t warding off. She slowly looked towards him and didn’t know what to say. Her eyes did the talking.

She felt like he had guessed her troubles and wanted to help. Yet, she was so beaten up by the situation that she could hardly speak.

He held out his hand and gently touched hers. “It will be OK.”, said his eyes while she looked into them and felt tears coming to hers. That look came like a support.

She began to feel a lot stronger and hope was coming back slowly. Someone had understood her, without having to shout for help. It means that she’s being cared for and that she was never all alone.

She lowered her head, closed her eyes and thanked the skies for this. Then slowly, she lifted her face with a faint but sincere smile on it. She held back his hand and let her eyes say : “Yes, it will all be OK.”

Encounter with a stranger

In In my mind on September 9, 2011 at 8:17 pm

The moment might have lasted a few minutes, what do I say, only seconds yet there was some magic in the air. Was it her (who had been so badly wrecked emotionally)  or was that instant really special?

One particular, unidentified moment in time, spent in facing a complete stranger made her soar in unknown, yet welcoming skies. Their eyes locked for some time, his were deep despite their light colour. Was it for real or did she accidentally step into a dream?

The whole thought of it sounded crazy, how do you actually feel so elated by such an encounter?  There has to be something wrong somewhere. Thinking logically, it’s just a simple “bumping into a stranger” situation, yet it felt like a moment lost in wonderland. Had his eyes been an ocean, she’d drown in them happily. Only a single gaze, only a few seconds of time standing still and it felt like an eternity of bliss.

Maybe angels are actually among us.  They appear once in a blue moon with the promise that not everything in this world is bitter. They surround you with their comfortable warmth by a gaze itself and then disappear subtly.

There’s no use running after such stranger. Life can bring her back on his path or he might be back on hers. Anyway, she’d surely thank him for bringing in some sweet feeling of admiration and contentment to her heart.