$öU Creations

This page is dedicated to things I’ve been creating and realising just to share my passion of crafts with you…

(More of these can be seen on SouCreations)


This is a wind chime I did for a friend out of drinking pipes 😀

S-PosterThis one is an A4 poster again made for a friend where I depicted the letter S and stuck on scraps of cinema ticket, price tags, chewing gum paper, bus ticket etc…

Labour Day Badges

These are badges I made for the Labour Day Celebrations at work  where we had ‘decorated’ fellow colleagues.

Brian's Farewell Gift

A special farewell gift made for a colleague – a collection of memories and messages

Jewel Box

A jewel box I redecorated since I didn’t quite like its initial design.

Bday Card

A birthday card for  – you guessed it –  a 25th Birthday


I particularly love this photo. One of my very first black and whites.

  1. Thanx 😀

  2. Impressive…

  3. Keep on! Need more.

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