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It’s in human nature to break rules…

In General thoughts on February 19, 2009 at 6:53 pm

Ever since man has been on this Earth, he has been establishing rules,regulations,structured systems that are meant to bring some standards or guidelines for others to follow.

However, it has also been in human nature to go against those restrictions – students who’d rather bunk classes, drivers who’d invent new laws on the roads, workers who’d rather rebel against the company’s policy, a lawyer who’d find his client some way to escape from law by manipulating it…

Why is man so fickle? Because the human being is an ever changing organism with a brain that keeps on thinking and that will always find a flaw somewhere in the established system or that’ll shrewdly devise a way to avoid restrictions. In other words, the human mind can never bind itself to rules. It’s inborn for any human being to develop some resistance to any kind of limitations presented to him/her. It’s somewhat some kind of self defense because we all love our freedom.

I don’t believe it’s some flaw in human nature though. Had we been mere receptive puppets, the world would’ve stayed unchanged. The French Revolution, Ghandi’s non-violent fight for independence and more recently Obama’s victory for the United States Presidential Elections (to name a few) – none of these would’ve happened if man hadn’t been of changing and rebellious nature. We all want the best and we all have our limits of tolerance.

When I said rules in my title, I didn’t imply legal rules or any institutional rule in particular, I was pointing out at any type of limitations being put upon humans, may it be man-made or natural. Man has and will always strive for his freedom even if it means going against any authority. At times it might be a huge outrage of anger and frustration, that has been kept for too long, or it might also be some wise thoughts and calculated actions but in the end it would only result in man trying to pull down the walls of restrictions and that’s why there will always be laws and law breakers…

P.S: The accompanying picture is quite evocative of restrictions and freedom both right there so close yet so far 🙂 Enjoy !