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A moment lost in time

In In my mind on November 23, 2011 at 7:21 pm

For a few instants, let me take you to that moment where everything stops and stands still. That very point in time where you stop being part of the world but live in a particularly intense moment in your lifetime that’s gonna last forever no matter what.

Would you share it with me? Would you let all worries behind you, the time of a moment together?

There’s no particular preparation, come as you are. There’s no particular location,let’s be where you are. There are no particular words to say, let’s enjoy the very presence of each other.

This magical feeling won’t work with anyone but you. That special feeling of being captured in a lost moment, a moment that’s never to come again but that’s gonna remain in our minds always.

There’s no need for music, your voice is the sweetest melody right now. There’s no need for great food, your talks are all that would satiate me.  There’s no need for an extravagant venue, your presence makes any place the best place to be.

There’s no need for special bright lights, smile and make my world shine. There’s no need for any splendid view, the depth of your eyes is all that matters. There’s no need for perfect weather, having you next to me is the best season of the year.

So would you? Would you share this wonderful moment with me? Immersed in nothing but the very existence of you and me.

Give it a try and see how fine it is to be. Give me just this moment to be fully lost and ever happy…

The game of flirt

In General thoughts on July 26, 2011 at 11:29 am

It’s been quite a while now since I’ve been observing this. It’s that game they call flirt, that exciting and enticing part of a relationship – no matter its degree of seriousness.

I found myself finally identifying a similar trend even if the personality differs from one guy to another. However, very quickly the shine and glitz of it all faded. It dawned very soon – the game has no end nor a beginning. You only feel as a prey in the end.

Who’s real and who’s fake, it’s all a matter of perception. How far you want to get involved or being fooled also depends on you. It’s all a game of strategies and moves. At times it’s fun, at times too cliché to appreciate or at times too nonsensical to accept.

It also gets more complex when you are told not to be able to understand their feelings. Quite contradictory I’d say because they themselves were looking for some fun time. Then where have feelings come from? And since when is it you who’s the one without sentiments??? It then becomes clear – you are not being treated as insensitive, you’re just being treated as an acquaintance who isn’t that close to understand their problems.

Yet, I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Let’s face the truth, who doesn’t like some nice good flirt in life? Specially when being single. However, when you wake up one day and think it over, you wonder who finally can you hold on to? When all the fun talks are over, when you’ve said goodbye, who is left there to actually share your life with? It’s even more deceiving when you find out that those you thought were close and real have no more intentions than some frolicking too.

Things I think get a bit worse if sex gets involved, but this is another level I’ll let others testify. My venture in this limits itself to the virtual world.

Then maybe too much of something kills the interest or maybe there comes a phase in life where all this matters less than having someone real, sincere and permanent.

Anyway the human mind and heart is quite fickle. Today it might wish for a long term relationship and tomorrow get tired of it and wish for some momentary happiness.

In the end, it’s up to you to figure out what you want. This game is sure not for fools!

P.S: For those who think the list of observations has been very long, well rest assured it wasn’t but even for this few, the similarities are very obvious 😉 And no regrets or grudge held against anyone.

Oye Fellow Musketeers and Catos Friends!

In General thoughts on June 26, 2011 at 3:56 pm

I’ve been down memory lane lately, specially with reading old school magazines (for those who haven’t noticed it on my Facebook wall yet 😉 ).

I’ve been reliving the unforgettable moments spent in our dear old QEC. Thinking of these years, I feel a teenager again, with the mind loaded with crazy thoughts and a big question mark as to what I’ll do in future.

I can still feel these lazy winter mornings where we’d get up painfully, get ready  and come to school wishing we could be outside in the warm sun, chit-chatting instead of being in this cold, boring class.

I see myself again shirking classes with my fellow musketeers to spend hours sharing ‘general knowledge’ (gossiping some call it), under the water tank on the roof of the staff room (or was it the labs?).

I’ve also been back to each of our classrooms we’ve shared together. They have been witnesses of our class parties,’exposés‘ and even our petty fights.

How to forget those netball matches, prize giving show rehearsals, CAT’s meetings, MSPCA quizz preparations, debates preparation with Mrs Bissoonauthsing, our special Shakespeare sketches, that cross country where our class got most participants, those sports day events and so much more to remember!

Forgetting the grudges, the fights and the arguments, I wish to sincerely dedicate this article to all of you special ladies of Garnet 97 – 03. I do regret having lost my precious time with my complexes – I could have enjoyed more being with you all! Anyway, these 7 years have been very special, it helped to forge my character and they make wonderful souvenirs of my life at college.

Wherever you all are today, I’m sure you’ve all become fine, charming, successful and capable young women (queens I’d dare to say 😉 )! I wish you all the best and thank you for having been part of my teenage years, without you it would have been a completely different story and maybe then not MY story…

A boy and a girl, together

In General thoughts on October 2, 2010 at 4:16 pm

I bet many of you who read the title immediately thought of some love story. No, this is not about romance or love. It’s a reflection about how the human mind quickly jumps to conclusions plus the consequences of living in a little island, still tightly attached to its traditional opinions.

I’ve noticed it’s pretty common to hear people talk about seeing some girl with some guy (or vice-versa) and deducing that they are dating each other. The fact that they might only be friends is far too incongruous to accept. Well, so it seems…

It even happened to me that a good friend of mine was mistaken for my boyfriend. Being the only person I already know in my masters class, I’ve been talking and sitting next to him since the beginning. It was not much to my astonishment that the idea of us being boyfriend/girlfriend grew in others’ mind. Yet, I still find it so incredibly easy for people to judge by appearance. I hold no grudge against anyone, rest assured. It’s just that the very thought of how quick a judgement is made that kind of irritates me.

The reason behind my irritation is that with such reaction from others, girls very easily gain all kinds of reputation, specially in our traditional society. I know the new generations are more open to all these issues. However, no matter in which century we are , the image of a girl will always remain fragile and easy to destroy.

Does it mean that we should stop walking in public with our male friends? I believe it is indeed hypocritical to accept seeing 2 girls or 2 boys together and have no hind thoughts! It’s time to think beyond those ‘gender limits’. A boy and a girl together does not limit itself to a love affair. There’s a human factor that is being ignored. Friendship is not limited to same genders. Once you’ve been able to understand someone beyond his/her sex, you’ve reached a special level of friendship – which involves mutual respect, closeness and maturity.

I believe that no one is to be blamed. It is a result of a conservative mindset, a legacy of our traditional society. Things will and can only change when firstly young people behave more responsibly, by knowing where’s the line between friendship, love and sex. And secondly, when we all will come to accept in our minds that a boy and a girl can very well be friends without any thing more in between them…

A day for love

In Events, General thoughts on February 14, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Every 14 February, the world celebrates Valentine’s day. A day for lovers, a day to offer gifts and show your love to your beloved one(s).

Though it has grown into a commercial event, it’s always a pleasure to offer a present to your most precious one. Besides, I believe if there were no events like Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, we would have simply got carried away by life’s routine.

These events come as ‘exucses’ or ‘occasions’ to express our feelings – of which we might lose the grasp as time passes. It’s an occasion to reflect also on how much that person is important for us and how long you’ve been together, living happy and sad times.

This year try to find in Valentine’s day not only a day to offer a gift (as formality) but also a day to ponder on how lucky you are to have found love. Having someone to support you, to shoulder you, to protect you is the most wonderful gift of love. Don’t let it go by taking him/her for granted. Being with someone does not mean no more attention, no more flirt or no more romance. It takes two to tango and so does it to maintain a relationship. Make the most of what life offers and make most of your days Valentine’s gifts.

It’s true to find it difficult to spend every day immersed in his/her love – one has to be practical. Yet, take some time to show your love, by a sweet gesture, a kind word or an attentive ear. Remember that whatever you wish for in a relationship, you cannot get much if you don’t give some of yourself first. Open up your heart and let your love do the talking.

As we are celebrating this special day for love, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and most of all, a happy life full of love through!

Not so idiot!

In General thoughts, Movies on January 24, 2010 at 5:39 pm

The title of the movie, ‘3 Idiots’, might discourage some from watching it. For sure it raises questions like what kind of movie might this be? Is it yet another nonsensical  comedy? But when we consider that this is a Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s production, and that Aamir Khan is the main actor, it calls for viewing without hesitation!

On a quite jovial tone, the movie depicts the life of students in India, where the competition is indeed very fierce. It brings forward a lively Aamir Khan who tries to bring a new approach to the way students are being taught and are learning. Though the subject of the movie is a very serious one, the film maker has been able to keep a light atmosphere. We are subtly and ludicrously presented with the various difficulties students have to face. Behind the pranks and jokes each student has his own sad story and tries to live it up with the hope of giving it a happy end some day… This movie is also a message to every parent – let your children live their dreams too, don’t be too selfish in making them realise what you couldn’t, it might altogether ruin both their happiness and yours.

As far as the educational system is concerned, I found some similarity to our Mauritian one, where the emphasis is more on how to pass exams rather than how to get more knowledge. In the movie we find a main character who is thirsty for knowledge, ready to go to school not to end up rich and successful but knowledgeable enough to find his way out of the problems of life. I personally, do not remember having experienced the pleasure of really learning something out of sheer desire for knowing things! Although I have been studying subjects of my own choice, I really never felt the satisfaction of a thirst for knowledge being quenched.

We studied science, not to understand its wonders but to simply answer exams’ questions well. Finally when my secondary studies were over, I was absolutely fed up of it all and wished to change field. However, tertiary level was not so different, though I came to understand one thing – if you do not understand the very basics of a subject, it’s why and how, you will never be able to understand it ever. By-hearting things will only make us pass the exams but this will not help in applying our lessons to real life experiences. Unfortunately for us not all lecturers were able to convey this. Some of us were completely lost while others were blindly following what they heard and saw. We can’t even blame our teachers or lecturers. There are some who have the real passion of teaching but are easily considered as not good enough because they do not teach the traditional way!

Coming back to ‘3 Idiots’, this is not only a full package of entertainment but also a very deep message being spread. As far as possible let your children follow the path of their destiny and may they find studying an enjoyable journey. Yes, education is important for a brighter future but it’s of no use if it makes your child miserable and less dependent on his own judgement and understanding. The message is therefore loud and clear : “Choose excellence – Success will follow”…

Let’s get active!

In General thoughts on October 24, 2009 at 8:09 pm

After a bit more than 1 year since I started to work, I’ve noticed one very important thing – working makes you less active physically! It absorbs most of your time and energy plus it completely changes your lifestyle…

So, after realising all this, for quite a long time now, I’ve been trying to adapt myself to this new way of living and make out time for more physical activities. It sure helps to feel more energetic! I am no sports person but I do like some work out.

The process was and is quite difficult to maintain though because being a web developer and having a flexy time for work, I might find myself coming home too late. So the idea came to me – why not try to include some small and simple activities in my daily life routine? Besides, the recent ads of the margarine, Flora, made me even more realise how simple things could be done to improve our physical activities! It’s all in integrating those in our life and making it fun! After all, if we are to do something it should be first and foremost enjoyable and pleasant, else what’s the use?

Hence, all small trips I have to do I try my best not to take the car – besides it’s sometimes a headache to find somewhere to park your car or even get stuck in the traffic! Or even if I’m going by car, I might very well park somewhere far but safe , so I’m sure the car is secure plus I’m going to have a stroll out of it.

The most important thing is to realise that it’s very simple things that could easily change your physical state. And when we talk about physical state, we also should think about our nutrition. Yes, I know it’s the same lecture everytime but as I see it, controlling your food does not necessarily mean cutting out all nice things you like to eat! It’s all about knowing what you are eating and how you are using it – since it’s our body fuel.

Besides, if we try to find at least 30 minutes everyday to work out, it would be sufficient enough to keep fit. And if time allows, this 30 minutes could very well get to 1-2 hours. One of the best ways to make work outs fun is to add in some music! It not only helps to boost your energy but also time yourself. For example, during 3 songs I’m going to walk briskly (on the treadmill :P) then another 3 ones I’m going to slow down the pace. With this, you can easily spend 15 minutes alternating brisk and slow walks. Another tip is to try to make a playlist with alternating rhythmic songs and slows. It really helps in motivating and controlling your pace in your work out!

Working out should also be your moment to let go all stress and tensions. Put on your most favourite songs and move on the music without any restraint. Let yourself enjoy this moment. Add in some variations plus some activities you like best -skipping, running, cycling, jogging,etc. Think like this is your hour – you are taking care of yourself and your body. Add to the fun by either working out with friends or getting yourself new clothes for work out (this is for girls specially 😉 ). Also don’t forget the “after-work-out” time where you get a nice hot bath or those who have tubs then enjoy the effects of bath salts /oils ( if you are doing it in couple even nicer 😛 ).

Last thing – we are lucky enough to live in a tropical island where summers are daaaamn hot but also the best occasion to work out the most we can in the best enjoyable way possible. I’m talking about going to the beach and swim or jog, go hiking, go cycling or even just stroll about admiring the greenery 😉 It all depends on where you live and what’s best to do according to your daily routine. In short, being active physically only needs some adjustments and the will to do it. The rest is only pleasure 😀 !

My First Steps Towards My Career

In General thoughts on September 19, 2008 at 6:19 am

Career Girl by ~henares

After some 3 months of biiig vacations, here am off to start my career ! It’s a huge excitement and though some might think: “Why on Earth she didn’t go for a scholarship and continue her studies?”, I feel I’m on the right track- going in the right way. It’s not just a question of feelings but also a decision taken after much thinking. There are stages in life where you come at a standstill, a crossroad rather, and you have to decide where to go. You’ll get advices from so many peeps around you but in the end it’s more like what you want and what you decide that counts.

So after such a long break from everything, the decision was taken. I might have very well gone for my masters but still I don’t feel ready for these. It’s a matter of maturity and experience which I reckon to lack to go further in my studies.

I believe the most important thing in life is to feel comfortable with whatever decisions you take and feel independent of what others might think. Though it might not be an easy task every time – specially when you’ve always been like the focus of the family: “So what’s next now for ya?

Anyway, here I am all ready for a brand new career, the road to make my own place in the field of work, a great adventure that awaits me indeed! All I wish is that the plans I have been making shall become true – they are so far so let’s cross fingers 😛

With this post I’d also like to state that it’s quite a pity though in Mauritius that we don’t have much career guidance. It’s not always as such to find peeps with a clear idea of what they want to be – I myself was in the shades a year ago. It would be great if our youth could have a better insight of job prospects in our country and not only have so-called career guidance fairs where the real goal behind is to market your university or institution to potential students. How are they supposed to chose when they don’t even know what they want to do?

Usually children here get their inspirations from their parents who most of them encourage their children to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and the most recent trend – IT officers (I’m saying IT officers because parents rarely know exactly what jobs the IT field offers). It’s nothing like having your own ambitions – it’s just a race to fame and glory. We have to understand that a person’s success is not only his salary but also how much happiness he is deriving from his life. So, it’s high time to encourage our children in developing their talents and in discovering the different opportunities they have. Then later on they might not end up in opting only for what’s trendy and see if they are lucky enough to succeed.

On my part, I have been lucky enough, I have found my path in this IT field. I have no regrets in my choice so far and I wish it to be so for all of you there!


In General thoughts, Technology- our black magic on September 10, 2008 at 8:28 am

Everything today is based around the computer. People live behind masks in the Digital World. What lies behind the mask?
Digital World by darkthunder89

Humans are so complicated creatures and so is their life. Throughout these years, they have been evolving and creating – always seeking for innovations and new creations. Whatever has been done and is being done in this whole world has and will always have a direct impact on us.

Have we ever wondered how we could control all these influential forces that carve our lives and make us mere followers of a continuous and everlasting flow?

There might not be much we could do though because we depend on the world around us, we depend on what it gives us to advance and progress. However, if we are to come up with new creations, ideas, technologies, trends, fashion why don’t we also think of the consequences? Has everything become so commercial that it’s no use pondering what will be the after effect? Or maybe the after effect also shall become an opportunity to create for more new things…

I believe whatever I’ve been saying here has appeared a lot abstract and unreal, right? It’s just some thoughts that arose in my mind these last days when I was cut from the internet and my pc. I realized how much we’ve grown to depend on new technologies – cars, mp3s, pcs, mobile phones etc… What would we have been without those today? They’ve become essential things in our lives and no matter how sophisticated and expensive they get we always want to get them. It’s not greed though it’s just that we are following this world’s trends, needs and aspirations from us.

I don’t see any harm in using technologies to simplify our lives or entertain but I see it harmful when it concerns our youngsters – adolescents. I am not criticizing them – adolescence is such a phase of life where everything rebellious seems cool. However, with so many technologies, easily available, they tend to get absorbed by all the magic without realising about the consequences of their acts. Our new technologies have indeed created uproar in communications but all the freedom it offers now has made our youth too much independent. Independent because they have their own devices – pc, mobile phones, mp3s, mp4s etc… and because these have enabled them to create a whole digital world for themselves where they tend to shut themselves and avoid the world outside. It might seem too alarmist to state that this is dangerous because, after all, the whole world is turning digital… However, our youth is at risk in this digital world – let’s forget about pornography, identity misuse etc – let’s just focus on the consequences of having them enclosed in so much facilities. They forget about the real world around them. They get immersed in this whole new world where your identity is what you want it to be – today a rock star, tomorrow a movie star – where nothing is for real everything is for fun. Their upbringing is being done in this unreal world where all their young fantasies can become true but then, what happens in the real world? What happens when they try to live it up for real? That’s maybe the reason why youngsters are getting more difficult to control and understand – they are too much influenced. Is it parents’ fault, teachers’ fault, technologies’ fault? Or is it worth it anyway to find whom to blame?

Placing the blame won’t solve anything. Our youth is full of imagination, creativity and energy. Yes they should get along with new technologies. Yes they have the right to communicate with the rest of the world but they should also realise that this world is much more than mouse clicks or message transfers. We all need to realise it, in fact. Just once try to turn off the T.V. and the pc and have an evening with your loved ones. Just appreciate this real world with real people to talk to, real places to enjoy yourselves and mind you there’s nothing that can replace these moments of real experiences! Then maybe this will help us all in distinguishing the difference and become less addicted to technologies. Technologies are our tools let’s not let them lead our lives!