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The Woes of a Web Developer

In General thoughts, Technology- our black magic on September 29, 2011 at 7:45 pm

I’ve recently reached a 6 months milestone at my new job and 3 years of experience in web development and these are really but oh really the bad things that happen to us web developers:


Spending hours figuring how to actually integrate these new customer requirements (I’d say whims) and when you actually do it, they’d say “Euhm, you know, we finally liked it as before…”


Discovering Internet Explorer launched a new version (Gee why does it still exist anyway???) and no tweaks done for previous versions works for this one! (IE is EVIL!!!)


Receive the designs late and being told “Could you possibly find it in your capacity to still meet the deadline? We totally understand if you’d like to work from home too… ” (oh come on you gotta be kidding me right?)


Actually integrating the late designs and discovering that no matter how much you’ve optimised your code previously, you will have to adapt it to the present design.


Oh no, the internet is slow today or no wait my pc also is running slow! And what? Gee today’s supposed to be our delivery date!!! (actually it makes sense why there is “dead” in deadline ! )


The client just sent a mail, he’s happy with what we delivered, BUT (there’s always a butt euhm but !) he’d like a few changes – see document attached (don’t freak out on the list of changes, they are only minor – or are they?)


Testing over and over again a page, becoming mad about how that’s not working when it was simply a matter of file permission! (Duh!)


The client has decided to migrate to a new server. “Oh great! Good for him!” Well it seems that now, nothing’s working. “Why’s that?” Oh the new server runs on an old version of PHP, nothing too serious…


The client is more than happy of his website now. He even brought us a list of  “add ons”. Looking at his list, it’s in fact all the web site to be revisited -.-” (why do they  think web developers are magicians?)


It’s Friday night, everyone’s at the pub (or even at home) chilling out and you’re stuck with a slow machine, a bugging javascript and a backache from too much sitting in front of your pc. (No comments, 1 minute of silence please…)

So what does it all mean?

In Technology- our black magic on February 9, 2009 at 5:10 pm

The video below is very evocative about the fast (in fact SUPER RAPID) evolution of information technology worldwide. Have a look before going further with this post 😉

While it might sound a bit freaky, the video is quite indicative about the big influence of information technology on our existence. I don’t know if all of us do realise it or even feel it but indeed the big evolution in the field of information technology totally changed our lifestyles and habits! Who would have thought that Facebook – a site initially meant for Harvard students only – would gain so much popularity in such a little time?

So, of course, what does it all mean? What do all these figures mean? It all depends, according to my humble opinion, on our understanding and vision of things. Some might say we are being dominated by technology while others would just ravel at the news.

As for me, it means that we are living in the information technology era where the most important asset is information. But of course, information alone is not enough. It needs to be given the appropriate structure for more efficient use. So there it is – information technology brought about new jobs and a new sense to knowledge in itself.

How come a new sense to knowledge? If today blogs are gaining in popularity it’s mainly because it is believed now that it’s not only what experts have to share that counts but public opinion also! THIS is the new sense to knowledge – an opening to the public, an opportunity to let people share their opinions and beliefs which eventually becomes a pool of information rich enough to enhance your knowledge as well as understand others.

Information technology has eventually brought up a real new aspect to business management and the internet (combined with all telecommunications devices) brought about the best way to leverage information resources. However, it also brought new challenges like how to keep up with its rapid pace of evolution; because eventually it’s like a race where the fastest is the winner.

This also means that only part of the world is into this incredible evolution while another part is still struggling with famine, civil war and other calamities… It’s the modern “natural selection” altogether.

Still information technology is really fascinating and more inventions are to come because it’s like going round a circle: you think you’ve reached the end but it might very well be another start…