Miles to go before owning a car

In Events, General thoughts on October 7, 2012 at 1:53 pm

This is the story of an adventure I went through before actually owning my own car. Sit back and enjoy it, I think it’s quite a roller coaster ride!

Approximately 1 year ago, I took the decision of buying my own car. No need to mention how much I was excited about the idea of finally getting some independence through possessing a car! Little did I know the road was going to be bumpy at times and even totally unusable, at other times!!!

The first stop on the journey – an old mortgage on the house blocking my loan application. After investigation, it’s been discovered that this mortgage is over since 20 years ago but no official paper was issued to testify it. Incredible as it may be, it took one whole month to get that simple piece of paper to be issued!

Next stop was eventually signing the loan papers which fortunately didn’t take much time and the money was received by December 2011.

As per logic, the following milestone would be to go for a car ‘hunt’. The initial choice was to go for an imported reconditioned car. My first choice was a Honda Civic Type R. Too bad though, there were none available with automatic transmission. The next available choice was a Honda Fit but the design didn’t quite appeal to me. After much thinking, the idea and decision to go for a new car sprouted up.

So, there I was, gearing towards a new direction, that of Kia Motors, for a Kia Rio (hatchback model). Oh, let me point out here that by that time we were already nearly end of January 2012.

Ordering the Kia Rio was not much hassle, I should reckon, but little did I know that ahead of this smooth track, there was a very long journey of full nine months of wait coming up!!!

One bright morning, an sms arrived saying that my Kia Rio would finally be received. However, few days later, a phone call announced that the model I had ordered was not on the consignment they just received. Instead I was being proposed a Kia Sedan – not to mention that the price also was changing!!!

The decision was clear, a full U-turn was absolutely necessary. Hence the new path headed straight into a crossroad where a new decision and choice was to be made…

A special offer on the new Toyota Prius C eased up the matter and so I was now moving towards Toyota hoping for a better service and expecting for a more economic and environment friendly car.

Therefore, on the tenth month of wait and almost 1 year of a long journey, my car was finally here!!!

Oooh but hold on your horses, the story ain’t over yet!

One last stop on the way before actually getting the pleasure to drive my own car – the official religious rituals. For those who don’t know, Hindus actually perform a special prayer before using a newly bought car.  It may sound very superstitious but when you’re investing so much and when you know your life is at risk on the road, it kind of becomes normal.

I guess that now you’re thinking – “Yeah, well go ahead do the rituals and get going girl!” Well, things are a little bit more complicated (even taunting !!!) According to the Hindu calendar, we are currently in a ‘not-so-auspicious’ period. It ends on October 15 and before this, I can’t drive the car…

Sooo until then, I satisfy myself with the feeling of having it there, in my garage, shining bright new, awaiting its divine blessing to hit the road. The journey to have it here has already been quite hectic, let’s take it as a well deserved pause before crazy adventures begin with that car…

  1. LOL. En plein kharmaas? 😛

    For those who wish to know more details about the strange word I used above, head over to my post :

    Question : Was the car towed to your garage or someone actually drove it? OMG!

    • How smart to add a link to your blog 🙂

      Answer to your question: neither towed nor drove, delivered directly from a cargo lorry! Come on you can’t take any chances here lol ! 😛

      • haha! You mean that the car was never tested????
        And what if something is missing in the car, like the engine or something in the brakes 😛

  2. Lol you gone bonkers man!

  3. tantine!!! LOOOLLL

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