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A moment lost in time

In In my mind on November 23, 2011 at 7:21 pm

For a few instants, let me take you to that moment where everything stops and stands still. That very point in time where you stop being part of the world but live in a particularly intense moment in your lifetime that’s gonna last forever no matter what.

Would you share it with me? Would you let all worries behind you, the time of a moment together?

There’s no particular preparation, come as you are. There’s no particular location,let’s be where you are. There are no particular words to say, let’s enjoy the very presence of each other.

This magical feeling won’t work with anyone but you. That special feeling of being captured in a lost moment, a moment that’s never to come again but that’s gonna remain in our minds always.

There’s no need for music, your voice is the sweetest melody right now. There’s no need for great food, your talks are all that would satiate me.  There’s no need for an extravagant venue, your presence makes any place the best place to be.

There’s no need for special bright lights, smile and make my world shine. There’s no need for any splendid view, the depth of your eyes is all that matters. There’s no need for perfect weather, having you next to me is the best season of the year.

So would you? Would you share this wonderful moment with me? Immersed in nothing but the very existence of you and me.

Give it a try and see how fine it is to be. Give me just this moment to be fully lost and ever happy…

Oye Fellow Musketeers and Catos Friends!

In General thoughts on June 26, 2011 at 3:56 pm

I’ve been down memory lane lately, specially with reading old school magazines (for those who haven’t noticed it on my Facebook wall yet 😉 ).

I’ve been reliving the unforgettable moments spent in our dear old QEC. Thinking of these years, I feel a teenager again, with the mind loaded with crazy thoughts and a big question mark as to what I’ll do in future.

I can still feel these lazy winter mornings where we’d get up painfully, get ready  and come to school wishing we could be outside in the warm sun, chit-chatting instead of being in this cold, boring class.

I see myself again shirking classes with my fellow musketeers to spend hours sharing ‘general knowledge’ (gossiping some call it), under the water tank on the roof of the staff room (or was it the labs?).

I’ve also been back to each of our classrooms we’ve shared together. They have been witnesses of our class parties,’exposés‘ and even our petty fights.

How to forget those netball matches, prize giving show rehearsals, CAT’s meetings, MSPCA quizz preparations, debates preparation with Mrs Bissoonauthsing, our special Shakespeare sketches, that cross country where our class got most participants, those sports day events and so much more to remember!

Forgetting the grudges, the fights and the arguments, I wish to sincerely dedicate this article to all of you special ladies of Garnet 97 – 03. I do regret having lost my precious time with my complexes – I could have enjoyed more being with you all! Anyway, these 7 years have been very special, it helped to forge my character and they make wonderful souvenirs of my life at college.

Wherever you all are today, I’m sure you’ve all become fine, charming, successful and capable young women (queens I’d dare to say 😉 )! I wish you all the best and thank you for having been part of my teenage years, without you it would have been a completely different story and maybe then not MY story…

What’s the fuss about the New Year?

In Events, General thoughts on January 8, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Last week end, the whole world was celebrating a brand new year, or at least experiencing its arrival. As the clock hit midnight and the Mauritian sky brightened up with fireworks, I experienced that same feeling of exhilaration I always do on that occasion.

At that very moment, the thought came to me that the arrival of a new year has always had so much importance to us not only due to its mediatisation and commercialisation but also because it comes as a promise of renewal of those twelve months. Some would see it as the endless cycle of life, repeating itself each year. Yet, as the sound of firecrackers roared around me that night, I felt renewed, just like the year.

When a year starts anew, we all most certainly feel like a new beginning. There’s a strong urge for planning, setting out dreams and aspirations and hoping that the 365 days waiting ahead will bring lots of opportunities to realise those. It’s just like we would be given a blank sheet  of paper and be free to fill it in whatever way we want.

So, that’s the fuss about the new year! It’s not only an occasion for festivities but also the chance to live it up again. A gift to appreciate and use thoroughly to make our dreams a reality. I therefore seize the occasion to wish you all a very special 2011. Keep going, don’t lose hope, life’s path sure has obstacles but overcoming them proves how we are persevering and so much ALIVE !!!

Master of Time

In General thoughts on October 27, 2008 at 7:58 am

Can't turn back time by shimoda7

Since we’ve started with this “summer time” thing in Mauritius yesterday, it made me ponder on how we , humans, have been manipulating time. As a child I used to think how come we know our time is right? Who decides which clock is on time and which isn’t? Because we might all have some difference of 1-3 minutes on our watch and we still argue that our time is the right one. I remember my parents used to rely on the radio to know what’s the “exact” time.

Today when we’ve switched to the summer time, it comes again – what is the real time then? Some unreal thought maybe – no explicit answer only a vague emptiness… Because ,after all, time is abstract, almost unreal! WE invented time, to give a sense to our days, to schedule our lives but time as such isn’t like seconds or minutes… It’s just something that flows and ages us in the process.

When we are trying today to manipulate time for “energy savings”, it’s like we are trying to master time. But we are actually re-organising the “representation” of time because what we see on our clocks or watches is in fact some “representation” of time isn’t it? Some fantasy becoming true we might say, yet it’s a sign of man trying to adapt his environment, or his time spectrum rather, to his living habits!

However, no matter how much man tries, he’ll only be a puppet of time and never master of time…