$öU & The Media

On this page am listing down the pictures of mine that appeared in the L’Express newspaper. The common thing about these is that they all are connected to Netgroup and me…


This picture is a scan of my very first ‘appearance’ in the newspaper. At that time I was still a student at the University of Mauritius and by pure coincidence, this was Netgroup’s stand at the job fair !

Sou @ Netgroup

This picture was published in l’Express of 05 May 2009 in an article about outsourcing.

(This is where I sat previously in my office. Now I ‘ve shifted to the place of the guy in white at the left of the picture 😛 .)

G-Mauritius Day - Cocktail dinner at Four POints By Sheraton

The picture above was published in l’Express of 10 September 2009.

It was a picutre taken at the cocktail dinner organised, after the G-Mauritius Day 1 (a forum for developers), by the Board of Investment and Google at Ebene Cyber tower on September 3 .

Above is an article found in the Essentielle magazine of April 2010.

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