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D’you have any contacts???

In General thoughts on February 12, 2009 at 6:25 pm

The True Businessman by Peter Geo

Today the Central Electricity Board (C.E.B) was supposed to carry out some works on our electric lines during the day and the supply of electricity was cut as from 08.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. However, when we got back home we saw that we were still without electricity and that our neighbours had already got back theirs… Something was definitely wrong in our connections then. So, the very first step to take is of course to call C.E.B’s hotline number – which my mum did THRICE (the first time being at around 6.30p.m. and the third time being at around 09.30 p.m.).

Meanwhile my dad phoned a friend who’s got a relative working at the C.E.B who in turn called an advisor at the Ministry of Public Utilities who then phoned a press officer of the same ministry ( wait it still goes on) who theeen phoned the C.E.B to dispatch some technicians at our place…

All this to point out that in our little-island-in-the-sun, if you have no contacts (and here I mean of course top level employees) in whatsoever public institution, you might end up calling endlessly at customer care offices ( wonder what kind of care that is)…

The same thing happened to a friend of mine who kept phoning at Orange (Mauritius Telecom) Customer Care to troubleshoot a problem he’s been having with his SIM card. It’s still under process… While my mum had her SIM card upgraded in one single day thanks to some acquaintance there!!!

SO my question is : what’s in the saying – the customer is a king??? It isn’t , specially for public facilities! They boast about being at the service of customers, about training their staff for better customer service but what for if in the end it’s some contact that you need?

It might also appear as some kind of corruption BUT face the damn truth if you ever think of going the straight way – it’s going to take you more time, more energy ( because you’re sure to steam up) and more patience (because of course your case will have to be viewed and reviewed).

Some pretty sad reality of how our public facilities go about… If we all could just be true to ourselves and true to our work, this world would have been much a more pleasant place to live! So, you out there when you’re at work do think of how you would feel as the customer and do try to give your best in your job because it would not only benefit you but all those who depend on it also…