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A day for love

In Events, General thoughts on February 14, 2010 at 4:36 pm

Every 14 February, the world celebrates Valentine’s day. A day for lovers, a day to offer gifts and show your love to your beloved one(s).

Though it has grown into a commercial event, it’s always a pleasure to offer a present to your most precious one. Besides, I believe if there were no events like Valentine’s day, Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries, we would have simply got carried away by life’s routine.

These events come as ‘exucses’ or ‘occasions’ to express our feelings – of which we might lose the grasp as time passes. It’s an occasion to reflect also on how much that person is important for us and how long you’ve been together, living happy and sad times.

This year try to find in Valentine’s day not only a day to offer a gift (as formality) but also a day to ponder on how lucky you are to have found love. Having someone to support you, to shoulder you, to protect you is the most wonderful gift of love. Don’t let it go by taking him/her for granted. Being with someone does not mean no more attention, no more flirt or no more romance. It takes two to tango and so does it to maintain a relationship. Make the most of what life offers and make most of your days Valentine’s gifts.

It’s true to find it difficult to spend every day immersed in his/her love – one has to be practical. Yet, take some time to show your love, by a sweet gesture, a kind word or an attentive ear. Remember that whatever you wish for in a relationship, you cannot get much if you don’t give some of yourself first. Open up your heart and let your love do the talking.

As we are celebrating this special day for love, I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day and most of all, a happy life full of love through!