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Women’s rights and Men

In Events, General thoughts on March 8, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Though my title seems contradictory in itself, it is quite relevant in some sense. Let me explain myself:

Some men might feel really unconcerned by women’s rights in general but guys, just think how all this could be actually related to you!

If today, women were still forbidden to work, you would have still been the only one to run the household. Putting aside your man ego for one moment, don’t you think having a partner who’s bringing in her share in the monthly budget an advantage? Together you have more opportunities to build up on your dreams and live a more comfortable life. If you have a daughter, she can now be your support in your old days because she can earn a living on her own.

Being educated, a woman can very well take off some family responsibilities (or even share them) from your shoulder, without you losing the role of the head of the family. She can very well be a housewife but still helps the kids with their homework, drives them to school, takes care of bills at the end of the month ( of course I am not talking about paying it on her own!) and even helps you out with professional problems.

Besides, just imagine once, if women were still forced to stay indoors. How would this world be? No woman anywhere – no woman at work, no woman in the streets (leaving a trail of fragrance as she passes by you), no Madonna or Beyonce – only male singers, no female actors – only men disguised in women (Oh! And no Neytiri in Avatar or maybe Neytiri being dubbed by a man faking a female voice :-S ). In brief no feminine touch anywhere… Only guys to smile at you and guys to talk to and again guys to hang out with – aaall the time!

Well all this to make you guys realise how you are most certainly concerned by women’s rights. Today being the International Women’s Day, I wish to convey this message that the establishment of women’s rights has not only changed women’s lives but also yours.

I often hear guys saying: “How come you got women’s rights? And what about us men?”. Thinking deeply about it, I myself ask the question : “If human rights exist why then women’s rights? ” The reason would be simply that there was and unfortunately there’s still an inhumane attitude towards women where they are treated differently from men as being lower than human beings. This explains therefore the fight of women for their own rights. I personally find it really sad to have had to resort to specific rights for women. It shows that the very basic human rights were not applicable to us… This is not a discriminatory gesture in favor of women, on the contrary, having had to enforce special rights for women shows they were out of the human rights.

Since we are celebrating the century of the International Women’s Day, it calls for some reflection about the effectiveness of those women’s fight for their rights. Yes, the condition of women has greatly evolved worldwide. Yet, cases of mistreatment towards women haven’t disappeared completely. There are still those who are suffering in the silence, unaware of their rights…

Women do not want supremacy from men, all they want is an equal treatment as human beings! I wish all ladies reading this post a Happy Women’s Day and kudos to all guys who have been man enough to treat a woman as she rightly deserves it – with love and care.

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