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Our Roads – The New Far West

In General thoughts on July 10, 2008 at 4:06 pm
Off Road by `gilad

Off Road by `gilad

Ever since I’ve started driving, I haven’t stopped cursing the state of our roads! They are very rare those that can be described as “practicable” – from potholes to ditches without forgetting those numerous crossroads with blind spots. It’s a complete mess from which you’ve got to get your way out! I happen to wonder why speed breakers are in use since with those bumpy roads it’s already hard to speed :s

Ah and did I mention about our dear pedestrians who after those campaigns on TV – “Enn Bon Sofèr” – believe they can wander about on the roads as per their wish…specially school kids who I think believe roads to be appropriate for group meetings or maybe it’s a challenge to show that they can block a whole street by walking in crowds when school’s out.

Besides, could anyone remember me what are yellow boxes meant for ? I think I misunderstood it or is it that after you get your license it simply becomes some mere marking on the road?

I know it’s not easy to keep a watch on each and every road user but I believe it’s up to us all to act sensibly and show some responsible behaviour. Yet if our leaders themselves can freeze traffic along a road to pass by in their big cars – just to avoid the traffic jam you see – then it all ends up like the far west : “the mightier and faster wins!”.

Anyway I’m not discouraging those who are actually trying to get their license – driving is indeed a pleasure to experience! It’s just that once you’re out with your license, it’s yet another learning and adaptation phase that’s awaiting you but remember you too you were a” Learner” once and also remember if not today, then tomorrow it will be you who’d be asking the way from the others so just show some civism and we’ll all stand to win out of it. 🙂