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The Eternal Quest For Beauty

In General thoughts on July 19, 2009 at 1:50 pm

beauty is ...  by Emaleth

'beauty is ... ' by Emaleth

It’s an everyday concern for most of us and even  a career prospect for some. Whether we deny it or not, it has always been in human nature to seek for beauty, for what’s more attractive, because it’s all about some well-being factor with things or people around us…

After some deep observation (no not scientific though), I have noticed a very important factor in being beautiful – to be happy with who you are. Shakespeare was right in saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” but we won’t also run from the fact that physical beauty isn’t given to all of us . Yet, beauty in itself is not only about having physical traits that kill. Physical beauty, I believe, is all about genes. It’s just the right genes mixes that favour the most beautiful physical traits in a person. In brief, it cannot be actually controlled… unless we start reproducing on the basis of gene compatibility and in the optic of producing most beautiful offspring…

The other aspect of beauty is the non-physical one. The “beauty within” as we call it. The aspect of beauty that is controllable, malleable I’d even say. How come? By accepting who you are (not always an easy task I know) and show confidence in your own self. Deep inside we should accept that no matter how we are physically – dark or fair complexion, tall or short, blond or brunette – the real beauty lies in assuming the physical traits we have inherited and put in our own to give the best result of a beautiful person.

I think we all would agree that people who always express happiness and some well-being in who they are, always evoke some liking in us. And when we’ve developed a liking for someone, we stop seeing the physical flaws, we only see that blend of joy and self-confidence. And this is how I understand Shakespeare’s words. Beauty is like how we treat ourselves. We are all different and it happens that we envy others for some specific trait but let’s just think of the chance of being us first. We all have something special that brings out the beautiful person in us. Let’s just find it!

However the sad part of my observation is that beauty also depends on money. Yes, it costs nothing in being happy with who you are but it costs to put forward your physical beauty. Again it would be just hypocritical to say that natural beauty is all that counts. Yes, simplicity is true beauty but simplicity doesn’t mean no self care. We all come to a point in life where we realise that some beauty care would do no harm but rather help to maintain ourselves. (I am not talking about excessive beauty care though!) However, taking care of ourselves costs – beauty products, beauty parlours and beauty spas. I came to the conclusion here that the richer you are the most facilities you can get and the better you can look. A sad truth but this is how this world goes… It’s all about a matter of luck – whether you are born rich or not and whether you get rich or not.

It might appear superficial to be writing about beauty but in fact if we have come to think of beauty as superficial it is because the human race has put forward so much importance in it. Even at the time of Egyptians, beauty products existed and beauty held an important part in people’s life. We’ve grown to think of it  to be superficial because as years went it became a tool for marketing and medias. “Standards” – top models/actors – have been developed and the real meaning of beauty has been completely modified according to the way stylists and designers view it. Yet, let’s not forget that who ever are those who have set these so-called beauty standards are humans just like us with their own perception of beauty.

So, let’s not just get lost in all these and for some minutes realise the real beauty in us. It’s all part of self-realisation and a quest to set upon to feel really happy with who we are.

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