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What’s nice about guys

In General thoughts on September 19, 2011 at 4:01 pm

If you still think that guys are only rough and tough then maybe you should review that idea of yours ( hmmm except maybe for Chuck Norris).

Even if girls are more prone to being emotional, guys have their own special way to show their soft side ( at least those who dare to do so).

I might not be able to talk on behalf of all girls, but believe me guys, it’s always so charming to see that side of yours. It’s actually quite reassuring to see that you do have feelings and if you do, it means you can be understanding towards us.

It’s always so cute to see them crack jokes and then look at you laughing at it with a little hint of admiration in their eyes. Or when they would purposely show you things that would make you go “Aaaw” and then stealthily  (or so they think 😛 ) look at that lovely  smile they’ve brought on your face.

Not to mention their subtle way of pretending to listen to you when they are actually lost in the thought of how lucky they are that you are spending some time with them. Or when they have indeed listened to you, remembered those little things you said you like and later on surprise you with that.

There are also those who would notice you looking at them and nod, smile and wink at you. Besides, they also love this blush on your face when they have told you something nice or when you are actually smiling at their funny lines.

Guys are also very protective, no matter how much they deny it at times. And no matter how much independent a girl is, being shown some of this protective side, reassures her. After all, the first man in a girl’s life is her dad and when a guy starts being protective towards her, he tends to take that fatherly image. She feels safe and trustful towards him.

Finally, guys are also emotional, each in their own way and degree. When they feel like opening up to you, know that they are actually daring to show you what they consider as their weakest side. It’s then up to you girls to comfort them, take care of not breaking their trust and give reassurance that you still see in them the man they are.

Honestly then, the best thing about guys (and this is a personal opinion) is how they make you feel girlish, protected, respected, womanly and above all special. It doesn’t matter what relationship they entertain with you, true and genuine guys always make the women of their life feel special and loved.