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Avoid all hassles, buy school textbooks online !

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Book shopping queue

Every year, as every children are excitingly expecting Christmas, parents face one big dilemma – buying school textbooks for the upcoming academic year!

Why such a hassle? Simply because most parents are rushing at the same time to bookshops to get the books required and very often these places are crowded (not to mention the heat of December) and most probably there will be 1 or 2 books which will be out of stock or unavailable. Eventually, parents have to go to several different book shops to finally complete the list…

However, this year, a big advent on the web shall definitely bring relief and facilitate parents at this task – the new website: BOOOKSTORE MAURITIUS !!!

This is the first online book store in Mauritius launched in December 2012. The main objective is to facilitate the life of several parents that have to queue up every year to buy the books for their children. has been created to bring an innovative solution to those parents. Words from the retailer are follows:

“Relax yourself at home behind your computer or mobile phone/tab and buy online your children’s books through our database of more than 1000 books. ” (You can also try to do it at work but beware of your boss. 😉 )

“The prices are the market price of physical libraries since we sell at the recommended price set by the publishers and importers of Mauritius.”

“No need to be anxious about payment online and credit cards. Pay by bank transfer through your internet banking or bank and enjoy a 100 secured payment solution.”

“Don’t matter about expensive shipping cost. Get delivered any post office of Mauritius in 5 working days. You can even be delivered free depending on the value of your order”

The Bookstore Mauritius Team

The team is composed of young parents and professionals in the field of e-commerce and books distribution. They are in partnership with the main publishers and importers of Mauritius in order to guarantee the right books at the right time and at the same market price

Their vision

This year they are focusing the website on textbooks but shortly general books and e-books will be available on For year 2013, Bookstore Mauritius will be positioned as the online one stop shop for school needs including: textbooks, general books, stationeries, uniforms, bags,…

For further information:

Bookstore Mauritius

30 Blue Lane

Résidence Beau Séjour

Quatres Bornes, Mauritius

Tel: 734 3058

Email: | Website:

Part time studies – behind the curtains

In General thoughts on October 29, 2012 at 6:59 pm

For those who are looking forward to undertake part time studies for the first time, I would like to share my experience with you.

Working and studying at the same time maybe very hectic especially when important dates coincide like a due delivery at work and a deadline for an assignment to submit.

Moreover, attending classes after office hours can become a challenge, especially if you have had a very busy day! You’ll most certainly see that your concentration level won’t be the same as when you were a full time student.

Another crucial point is that one should be prepared to work in group. No matter how much of a solo player you are, part time studies become easier if you share with others. The learning process becomes team work mostly because on your own and with the limited time, you will not be able to gather or grasp everything.

Part time studies help a lot in developing time management skills and determining priorities in your life. At times, it may happen that you are changing job and you no more have leaves, yet you will have to judge whether taking one or two unpaid leaves is worth it or not…

Support from your family is also required as you will find yourself busy in work and studies mainly. Your social life may be affected but with understanding parents or spouses as well as friends (even boyfriend and girlfriend), things can go smoothly.

Finally, what is required above all is patience and perseverance. You will learn to accept that your learning capacities have changed as you’re now juggling between work and studies. You will also develop new revision techniques – most probably maximum revision done on the exams eve!

However, if you’re sure and determined about it, nothing can stop you in completing your studies. It is a fulfilling and enriching experience. If you consider going for it, always do your best to achieve it, no matter how much discouraged you might feel at times…

Miles to go before owning a car

In Events, General thoughts on October 7, 2012 at 1:53 pm

This is the story of an adventure I went through before actually owning my own car. Sit back and enjoy it, I think it’s quite a roller coaster ride!

Approximately 1 year ago, I took the decision of buying my own car. No need to mention how much I was excited about the idea of finally getting some independence through possessing a car! Little did I know the road was going to be bumpy at times and even totally unusable, at other times!!!

The first stop on the journey – an old mortgage on the house blocking my loan application. After investigation, it’s been discovered that this mortgage is over since 20 years ago but no official paper was issued to testify it. Incredible as it may be, it took one whole month to get that simple piece of paper to be issued!

Next stop was eventually signing the loan papers which fortunately didn’t take much time and the money was received by December 2011.

As per logic, the following milestone would be to go for a car ‘hunt’. The initial choice was to go for an imported reconditioned car. My first choice was a Honda Civic Type R. Too bad though, there were none available with automatic transmission. The next available choice was a Honda Fit but the design didn’t quite appeal to me. After much thinking, the idea and decision to go for a new car sprouted up.

So, there I was, gearing towards a new direction, that of Kia Motors, for a Kia Rio (hatchback model). Oh, let me point out here that by that time we were already nearly end of January 2012.

Ordering the Kia Rio was not much hassle, I should reckon, but little did I know that ahead of this smooth track, there was a very long journey of full nine months of wait coming up!!!

One bright morning, an sms arrived saying that my Kia Rio would finally be received. However, few days later, a phone call announced that the model I had ordered was not on the consignment they just received. Instead I was being proposed a Kia Sedan – not to mention that the price also was changing!!!

The decision was clear, a full U-turn was absolutely necessary. Hence the new path headed straight into a crossroad where a new decision and choice was to be made…

A special offer on the new Toyota Prius C eased up the matter and so I was now moving towards Toyota hoping for a better service and expecting for a more economic and environment friendly car.

Therefore, on the tenth month of wait and almost 1 year of a long journey, my car was finally here!!!

Oooh but hold on your horses, the story ain’t over yet!

One last stop on the way before actually getting the pleasure to drive my own car – the official religious rituals. For those who don’t know, Hindus actually perform a special prayer before using a newly bought car.  It may sound very superstitious but when you’re investing so much and when you know your life is at risk on the road, it kind of becomes normal.

I guess that now you’re thinking – “Yeah, well go ahead do the rituals and get going girl!” Well, things are a little bit more complicated (even taunting !!!) According to the Hindu calendar, we are currently in a ‘not-so-auspicious’ period. It ends on October 15 and before this, I can’t drive the car…

Sooo until then, I satisfy myself with the feeling of having it there, in my garage, shining bright new, awaiting its divine blessing to hit the road. The journey to have it here has already been quite hectic, let’s take it as a well deserved pause before crazy adventures begin with that car…

The best man in a daughter’s life

In General thoughts, In my mind on July 28, 2012 at 6:27 am

I remember when I was in secondary school and yet another academic year was about to resume, my dad asked me if I got new shoes for school. I told him that mum said no need to buy new ones as mine from last year were still fine. Dad then replied “As long as I’m alive, I will be able to buy you new things. Let’s go…”

I know it might sound like materialistic or a typical example of  consumerism but what I saw, me, was totally different. I wasn’t interested in the new shoes (well not that much 😛 ) but rather in that affection my dad had just shown. It touched me so much that it still lingers in my memories.

Looking back on life today, I feel so lucky to have had such a caring and loving dad. For sure we’ve had lots of arguments, disagreements and angry moments but that’s part of every relationship, isn’t it?

Today I know it and I feel it, my dad is proud of us, his daughters, and he’s always been giving us all comforts he couldn’t get in his own youth.

He might not be a perfect person. He is sure filled with principles – each one more strict than the other – yet this is what made us who we are. Besides, I can’t deny that I’ve also imbibed some of his principles as mine…

My dad might not have finished his secondary studies and has no tertiary education either but the values and culture he taught us, was and is the most precious of all education a child could receive.

We have never really been sharing openly or talked about our feelings, my dad and I. Yet, I know how much he loves us. If we feel special like princesses in our home, it’s because he has always pampered us, cared for us and protected us with all his might and courage.

A girl’s father is and will always remain the best man in her life. He’s the only one who won’t ever break her heart and stand by her side till his last breath. Maybe one day, when I’ll feel it is the right time, I’ll tell my dad to read this as a tribute to his precious love and care…

Am I faking it?

In General thoughts on March 18, 2012 at 11:05 am

No, guys, this is not about orgasms, really sorry for the ‘inconvenience’ (hehe :p ). This is mostly a reflexion about how one can feel calm and happy despite troubles, worries and deceptions in life.

The thought actually came to me when I had a conversation with a friend. It happens to some people to develop a non-violent attitude during adverse situations and still come out of these fully contented with life.

The question arose whether such attitude is not only a consequence of suppressing one’s anger, frustration or pain which later on can burst out suddenly.

Quite elusive, I’d say, so I went on some self-introspection (as usual 🙂 ). Amazed myself, by this strange calmness and happiness that I feel even if times have been bad, I began to wonder whether I’m faking it or not. Am I doing it on purpose to feel happy and suppress negative feelings?

The answer came in some reading I did. It is absolutely possible to go through hardships and still remain calm and joyful once you’ve accepted that what is happening is part of your life’s journey. Besides, it takes to have a different perception of things. If I had limited myself to the dark and sad side of the situation, I’d be long lost into depression. However, I’ve developed a need to analyse situations in every angle, specially their bright ones. This is also where the different people in your life become crucial. Each individual has a different approach to life and I’ve been able to learn from that.

Hence, I’m not faking it. Every emotion is real and my happiness is genuine. I’m not saying that I’m not hurt but my joy and satisfaction to be alive is far beyond my pain. Besides, every hardship in life is meant to show us that everything’s not granted or given and if you’ve overcome it, you’ve come further from being a simple human being to a knowledgeable and stronger one.

Forgive the Forgetfulness

In General thoughts on February 26, 2012 at 6:40 pm

I bet we all know at least one person who’s always forgetting hangout plans among friends, birthdays, weddings or even what he/she told you earlier. And I’m sure somehow you’ve felt that if they’ve forgotten something important, it’s because they simply don’t care.

Rest assured, I had the same feeling too but then I reflected upon it as I kind of joined in the forgetfulness from time to time.

Actually, they don’t do it on purpose neither are you less important to them. In fact it happens when your mind has a lot to process at the same time. When you are tackling several situations : work, home, family, friends and love in parallel in your mind, it becomes inevitable to forget one or two things.

If you could have a peep inside those persons’ heart, you’d definitely see how much they care for you and if you could peep inside their mind, you’d feel like lost in a maze! Different people think and process thoughts differently. Once again, they are not to be blamed for that. No, it is not a weakness nor a faulty brain functioning. This is what enables them to handle a lot of situations altogether. We all have our own ways to tackle problems/issues, this is theirs.

One big mistake never to commit is to expect them or force them to change. If you possess a red rose plant, why would you expect it to give white ones? It’s the same for them. It would only pressurise them and hurt them.

The best way would be to understand them first and then accept that forgetful habit. Come on, it’s not the end of the world! At least they are not forgetting who you are, what you mean to them and what they feel for you!

They won’t mind at all if you’d help to make them remember things. On contrary, it becomes like a lifebuoy at times in that sea of ‘things to remember’.

A very important point to note about forgetfulness, it’s that at times they might even forget about themselves. And this is where your help could simply save them from neglecting themselves. Holding grudges won’t bring you anything but bitterness whereas willingly holding out your hand to help them will make it happier and quite soothing to have you around.

This world is full of different people with different identities and characters. This is the beauty of it all! So, forgive the forgetfulness and learn to become that ‘reminder’ for them. In the end, see how life becomes simpler, easier and above all happier!

Mahashivratree Explained

In General thoughts on February 20, 2012 at 9:44 am

I woke up today feeling that this Mahashivratree is going to be special altogether. Maybe the reason for that would be having a different vision of the festival.

When I was younger, I had once read from pamphlets distributed on that festival about its spiritual meaning but the words ‘destruction’ and ‘wrath’ scared me out and I preferred to forget whatever I had read.

Today, I wish I didn’t because I had only foolishly read the words but not gone in between the lines and seen the depth of the message that lay in them.

Hindu festivals or religion itself is as such. You may have different levels of comprehension and understanding of it all. It’s all up to you to awaken yourself to the different levels. What I mean exactly is that the less you seek to know, the shallower you might see it. For instance, as a kid, you might only be following it, repeating what you’re being taught to do during prayers and festivals. Yet, as you grow and develop analytical thinking,as well as the need to find a more substantial meaning to all this, you actually end up seeing things differently.

Coming to the actual purpose of my article ( I know my intro has been a bit too long, apologies), I’ve finally been making some research to find again what I tried to forget earlier – the spiritual meaning of Mahashivratree.

The name of the festival itself speaks a lot. Three main words are to be retained: Maha, Shiva and Ratree.

Shiva is the representation of the God of meditation and destruction. It is said that when He performs the Tandava dance and opens His third eye, all evils are destroyed. Now, see, as a child and until recently, I found this description very scary. With deeper thinking and reading, I realised that the destruction being mentioned here is that of lust, anger, jealousy and all negativity inside of us.

Ratree means night and every months, there comes a specific night that’s most auspicious for meditation i.e. spiritual energies are at their peak. We call these Shiva Ratree. Among all these there exists one night where all energies are most powerful and this is the Mahashivaratree, where Maha means great.

All rituals that are performed help the person to keep awake in complete devotion to Lord Shiva. In other words, while performing the rituals, if you’ve really been concentrating, you would’ve been meditating in some way and absorbed those special energies.

Hence rituals are important to keep the person focused and absorbed in the grace of God or more appropriately, the grace of those energies around him/her. Others might wish to spend that night in meditation itself i.e. no rituals but simply connecting oneself to the chakras/energies inside us.

The purpose is clear then. It is the occasion to seek within that strength and light that makes us better beings. It is the opportunity to find that calming and soothing peace within that we seek so much in this physical world.  It is the night of connection with the universe and all cosmic energies. This is Mahashivratree, a night of awakening and the more of us there’ll be who meditate about that, the more positive energies will be generated and hopefully make this world a better one!

The Pleasure of Giving

In General thoughts, In my mind on February 5, 2012 at 2:40 pm

When you see life the way I do, that strong urge to give to others just to see their face radiate with joy, is inevitable.

How and why, these questions I can’t answer. It often occurs to me to wonder why I am so different, why does this need to reach for others’ happiness keep growing? I’ve given up finding the answer because in the end, giving to others is not a burden at all.

Maybe I always feel like we are all so engrossed in striving for our way through life that we easily forget the small pleasures we can derive from it. After all, what’s the use of living if you can’t smile, if you can’t love and if you can’t find any bright light shining on you?

Hence, that pleasure I derive in giving to others. It makes the world, even if it is not the whole of it, but the one around me, a happier and jollier one. I don’t do it for attention, I do it because it is a need I have to fulfill and get the satisfaction that my life didn’t go to waste. In life, we can achieve great materialistic heights but if we can’t make simple little things count, we would have spent an empty, meaningless life.

And this is also what gives me pleasure in giving away. It is the possibility to make one simple thing – a flower, a chocolate bar, a candle or anything so simple, even a smile – become the expression of sweet affection and love. It is giving the phrase,  “It’s the thought that counts“, it’s real meaning.

Actually writing this article isn’t meant to boast about me but again to share about it. Sometimes when you feel so different from others, the mind and heart seek to be heard and understood. This blog is a means to voice it out. No matter if no one reads or a few do. Putting in words what I feel and what I go through makes it a relief to have expressed what’s inside my head…

Being your own healer

In General thoughts on January 21, 2012 at 7:49 pm

It’s too easy to depend on others to give us that cure we need to feel better. It’s also too damaging for relationships you share with those people.

Why damaging? Because the more you depend on someone, the more you’ll need that person by your side and when he/she is caught up somewhere, you’ll feel abandoned and lost. It gradually fills up bitterness and makes you doubt the feelings of that person.

I am not voicing out that you should reject the compassion or support of a close one. On contrary, having the care and love of our dear ones gives us those wings we need to fly higher. Yet, becoming dependent on them makes those wings weak.

Hence, at times, it’s good to be self-dependent and find cures to our sorrows on our own. In the end, you might as well be very surprised as you’ll not only be your own healer but others’ too!

Besides, this universe is so vast and huge, learn to connect with it and never feel lonely again. If you awake to those cosmic energies (no, I haven’t smoked weeds), you’ll find that healing strength on your own. It’s all scientific in nature. We are made up of energy that keeps us alive and energy flows all around us in different forms. Synchronising ourselves to those energies, helps us to be in phase with them and hence feel stronger and no more lonely.

I know, some of you might be asking « But how do we connect to those energies??? » I’d really like to explain it to you but my level of experience is limited for the time being. All I can do for now is guide you and share this with you.

The first step maybe should be a willingness to search for yourself, deep inside and seek for that strength that lies deep in you, waiting to be released. It does take time and patience. Develop the values of humility, love and peace and learn to appreciate this world and what it offers. Let your mind accept differences and develop tolerance. Forget jealousy, anger and hatred. See how useless it is to get lost in the maze of anxieties and rage. Above all, see the preciousness of life itself and feel that urge to make the most of it as long as you are alive!

2011 on SouOnline

In General thoughts on January 14, 2012 at 6:46 pm

Since 2011 has been very enriching in terms of articles for SouOnline,  I wish to put forward those I’ve specially had most fun to write about and those that hold a special place in my heart. So find here the list of my most favourite articles for 2011 (in chronological order).

2012 is going to be the 5th year since SouOnline exists. I just hope I keep being inspired and wish that this year I finally move on to my own domain…

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