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SouOnline – the 2013 novelty

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Dear readers,

I have the pleasure to announce that as from now, SouOnline will be hosted on

All past posts have already been uploaded there and all future ones shall be published there itself.

Thank you for following, subscribing, liking and above all for visiting the blog and reading the articles!

See you all on


Avoid all hassles, buy school textbooks online !

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Book shopping queue

Every year, as every children are excitingly expecting Christmas, parents face one big dilemma – buying school textbooks for the upcoming academic year!

Why such a hassle? Simply because most parents are rushing at the same time to bookshops to get the books required and very often these places are crowded (not to mention the heat of December) and most probably there will be 1 or 2 books which will be out of stock or unavailable. Eventually, parents have to go to several different book shops to finally complete the list…

However, this year, a big advent on the web shall definitely bring relief and facilitate parents at this task – the new website: BOOOKSTORE MAURITIUS !!!

This is the first online book store in Mauritius launched in December 2012. The main objective is to facilitate the life of several parents that have to queue up every year to buy the books for their children. has been created to bring an innovative solution to those parents. Words from the retailer are follows:

“Relax yourself at home behind your computer or mobile phone/tab and buy online your children’s books through our database of more than 1000 books. ” (You can also try to do it at work but beware of your boss. 😉 )

“The prices are the market price of physical libraries since we sell at the recommended price set by the publishers and importers of Mauritius.”

“No need to be anxious about payment online and credit cards. Pay by bank transfer through your internet banking or bank and enjoy a 100 secured payment solution.”

“Don’t matter about expensive shipping cost. Get delivered any post office of Mauritius in 5 working days. You can even be delivered free depending on the value of your order”

The Bookstore Mauritius Team

The team is composed of young parents and professionals in the field of e-commerce and books distribution. They are in partnership with the main publishers and importers of Mauritius in order to guarantee the right books at the right time and at the same market price

Their vision

This year they are focusing the website on textbooks but shortly general books and e-books will be available on For year 2013, Bookstore Mauritius will be positioned as the online one stop shop for school needs including: textbooks, general books, stationeries, uniforms, bags,…

For further information:

Bookstore Mauritius

30 Blue Lane

Résidence Beau Séjour

Quatres Bornes, Mauritius

Tel: 734 3058

Email: | Website:

Miles to go before owning a car

In Events, General thoughts on October 7, 2012 at 1:53 pm

This is the story of an adventure I went through before actually owning my own car. Sit back and enjoy it, I think it’s quite a roller coaster ride!

Approximately 1 year ago, I took the decision of buying my own car. No need to mention how much I was excited about the idea of finally getting some independence through possessing a car! Little did I know the road was going to be bumpy at times and even totally unusable, at other times!!!

The first stop on the journey – an old mortgage on the house blocking my loan application. After investigation, it’s been discovered that this mortgage is over since 20 years ago but no official paper was issued to testify it. Incredible as it may be, it took one whole month to get that simple piece of paper to be issued!

Next stop was eventually signing the loan papers which fortunately didn’t take much time and the money was received by December 2011.

As per logic, the following milestone would be to go for a car ‘hunt’. The initial choice was to go for an imported reconditioned car. My first choice was a Honda Civic Type R. Too bad though, there were none available with automatic transmission. The next available choice was a Honda Fit but the design didn’t quite appeal to me. After much thinking, the idea and decision to go for a new car sprouted up.

So, there I was, gearing towards a new direction, that of Kia Motors, for a Kia Rio (hatchback model). Oh, let me point out here that by that time we were already nearly end of January 2012.

Ordering the Kia Rio was not much hassle, I should reckon, but little did I know that ahead of this smooth track, there was a very long journey of full nine months of wait coming up!!!

One bright morning, an sms arrived saying that my Kia Rio would finally be received. However, few days later, a phone call announced that the model I had ordered was not on the consignment they just received. Instead I was being proposed a Kia Sedan – not to mention that the price also was changing!!!

The decision was clear, a full U-turn was absolutely necessary. Hence the new path headed straight into a crossroad where a new decision and choice was to be made…

A special offer on the new Toyota Prius C eased up the matter and so I was now moving towards Toyota hoping for a better service and expecting for a more economic and environment friendly car.

Therefore, on the tenth month of wait and almost 1 year of a long journey, my car was finally here!!!

Oooh but hold on your horses, the story ain’t over yet!

One last stop on the way before actually getting the pleasure to drive my own car – the official religious rituals. For those who don’t know, Hindus actually perform a special prayer before using a newly bought car.  It may sound very superstitious but when you’re investing so much and when you know your life is at risk on the road, it kind of becomes normal.

I guess that now you’re thinking – “Yeah, well go ahead do the rituals and get going girl!” Well, things are a little bit more complicated (even taunting !!!) According to the Hindu calendar, we are currently in a ‘not-so-auspicious’ period. It ends on October 15 and before this, I can’t drive the car…

Sooo until then, I satisfy myself with the feeling of having it there, in my garage, shining bright new, awaiting its divine blessing to hit the road. The journey to have it here has already been quite hectic, let’s take it as a well deserved pause before crazy adventures begin with that car…

Among the clouds

In Events, In my mind on April 21, 2012 at 4:53 am

Classical music resounding in the ears, clouds of all sizes for only sight against a wonderfully blue sky…

Yes, I have finally taken flight among those puffy white clouds I’m used to contemplate while on land!

The moment I felt the plane leave the tarmac, I couldn’t help but smile heartily. All the fears and anxieties gave way to excitement and joy. I was literally like a small kid discovering Disneyland!

For a few seconds I got somewhat emotional with teary eyes as the thought of experiencing such a wonderful moment and that too all alone, cropped up.

However, as the splendid view of our blue lagoon displayed in front of me and the plane began to soar up among those oh so beloved clouds, I felt like life was just great!

I was up to discover new horizons on my very own, I would be living a new chapter of my life!

I smiled again as I felt so lucky all at once. Life’s good, really good! And high above in those skies, wrapped in the whiteness of the clouds, I felt a bit changed…

Typical Sunday Morning (or so it seems)

In Events, General thoughts, In my mind on September 11, 2011 at 5:19 am

It happened again, I woke up early on a Sunday morning or rather I’ve been woken up early! No, not by my alarm clock – which strangely enough never succeeds in waking me up early ever (haha!). It was my parents again who actually disrupted my sweet Sunday morning sleep.

Oh dear Lord, why do parents wake up early on a Sunday? And even if they do so, why do they have to talk to each other as if they are turning deaf? Or why does it seem like they are having a loud discussion when it’s actually casual talk? I almost got alarmed thinking something bad had happened.

Oh no, now mum’s started to sing. Not that she sings badly (well maybe at times she misses the lyrics and comes  up with her own to compensate) but she really doesn’t need a microphone, damn it!

There you are, now dad’s burping out his breakfast as if he’s into a competition. Dear dad, yes you are indeed a winner, could you please stop practicing now?

Okay, I’d forgot that dad also enrolled into the “Big Happy Whistlers” competition. Or maybe he’s happy on digesting his breakfast… Dear dear, is it worth sticking to bed, hoping sleep will come again?

There, I got my answer, dad’s just reminded me he’s also into the “Big Loud Yawn” tournament. Guess, I’d rather get out of bed then.

But wait, what it this I hear? Ah finally, some sweetness in this oh so loud morning – very softly and a bit dimly in the background of all this, a lovely Bollywood love song playing on the radio. Okay, my smile is back 🙂 (yeah ’cause actually I’m grumpy when my sleep gets disrupted) and I’m happy I woke up to that tune – or so it seems.

Happy Sunday Folks!

The Splendour of Hindu Weddings

In Events, General thoughts on August 13, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Wedding Photo by Doorgesh Mungur

Before getting along with this article, I’d first like to point out that this has no aim of demeaning other religious weddings. It is simply a blog post expressing my vision of a typical Hindu wedding, which I consider is culturally very rich and worth being shared with you all.

Actually the effervescence and excitement of a Hindu wedding starts right from the moment the preparations are on. However, real things start when the wedding venue is being set up and decorated. Then only the mood and atmosphere build up and it grows gradually as the venue transforms itself.

Spotlights, little led lights, flowers, shiny cloth drapes, colourful pooja ‘samaans’ and people buzzing around. All adding up to the magic of the wedding atmosphere. In the background you can hear kids running and playing around, ladies rushing here and there getting ready and attending for rituals/customs, catering service peeps getting busy with cooking the food, the fragrance of the special curries lifting up in the air and also Bollywood wedding songs playing to enhance the ambiance.

Among all this, there is also the bride/groom getting tensed and excited as the H-hour approaches; congratulated as guests keep coming and going and meanwhile preparing for the rituals. The moment, I believe, is even more intense for the bride as she not only prepares herself to start a new life with her beloved but also to leave her parents’ home.

There is a mixture of tension, pressure, stress but also of celebrations, happy tidings and unforgettable moments spent with dear and close ones.

As the venue fills up, there is literally a festival of colours as women come in all decked up in their most beautiful attires and shining jewels. Each looking elegant and gorgeous for the special occasion.

However, there is nothing more beautiful than the bride and the groom on the altar, both shining in their wedding attires, specially the bride. If you look closely, you might see an aura of brightness around them, making the moment worth a “picture moment” as we’d say. their smiling faces, the proud groom, the blushing bride and the happy gaze of the parents make it more merry while the chants of the priest and the holy fire make it more solemn.

Sure such weddings involve quite some expenses but I’ve always liked how splendid they look, no matter their grandeur. They change the atmosphere and bring a very special feeling. A moment to meet relatives, have fun and celebrate the union of two souls. It is for sure a very tiresome event but still it is one big event in one’s life not to be missed 🙂 .

P.S: This article’s photo is courtesy of Doorgesh Mungur and more of his works can be seen here.

Positioning Mauritius on the Web

In Events, General thoughts, Technology- our black magic on March 12, 2011 at 7:59 pm

On this special date, I have been thinking what article I could write to celebrate my beautiful island in the sun. Then I also remembered having a conversation with my ex-director about the various Mauritian sites I’ve had the chance to work on, when I was at Netgroup. Hence the idea of writing about how Mauritius is being represented on the web through different local websites and more specially those I’ve developed.

To begin with I must say that Mauritius is being slowly and surely better represented on the web now. With the emergence of several web agencies in the country we can now see local sites of better quality may it be graphically or functionally. Besides I seize the occasion to also mention all those Mauritian bloggers who have also brought their participation in giving Mauritius an identity on the net.

Apart from websites, we also have social communities, the most famous one being Facebook, which has subtly taken its place in Mauritians’ everyday life. And local companies have very well understood the extent of this phenomenon! Hence the creation of many Facebook pages about local organisations, companies or events.

We therefore see how Mauritius, despite being late in technologies, has been able to reach the internet and make its position. Mauritian companies are understanding the importance of having a web presence in the sense that they are moving with the trend and that if they wish to go international, the internet can be a key success factor. Concerning, our local people, they have also grown an interest in the internet not only for research but for leisure and social purposes. Thanks to the web, Mauritians are being able to work for international companies without leaving their country as well as keep contact with family and friends abroad.

Coming to the different local sites I’ve developed as a web developer at Netgroup, I have made up a little list. It’s like my own hall of fame, I would say, because I particularly feel proud to have had a role in building those sites. It is a pleasure to have contributed to bringing more Mauritian sites on the internet and thus make Mauritius better known to the world! So, here’s my little list, hope you have a visit on the sites:

  • Maurilait – the website of our local dairy products manufacturing company
  • Mauritius Villas – a local website about villas offers in Mauritius + other services
  • Dodolidays – the very first local website I’ve developed incorporating an e-commerce module, it’s all about renting, buying residential properties as well as other services
  • Harel Mallac Technologies –  the branch of Harel Mallac dealing with technological services
  • Harel Mallac Bureautique – the branch of Harel Mallac dealing with bureaucratic services
  • LMLC – the official site of Les Moulins de la Concorde
  • ADS – the official site of Aventure Du Sucre
  • Compare Prices – the very first site in Mauritius enabling local people to view products from different suppliers and get price comparisons
  • Connections – the very first Mauritian website built by Netgroup concerning Connections Tourism Management Ltd (CTML)
  • Cargotech – my first Joomla website

So this is my salute to my beautiful country, where together with the Netgroup team, we have been able to promote local websites and on behalf of that same team, I wish all those for whom we have worked, to keep their websites alive and thus keep the Mauritian presence on the net. And I hope more and more local websites will emerge and that soon e-commerce becomes more popular among Mauritians…

Till then let’s celebrate our nation, our freedom, our dynamism in wishing to make this country progress and achieve heights even if it is just a little dot in the Indian Ocean.

What’s the fuss about the New Year?

In Events, General thoughts on January 8, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Last week end, the whole world was celebrating a brand new year, or at least experiencing its arrival. As the clock hit midnight and the Mauritian sky brightened up with fireworks, I experienced that same feeling of exhilaration I always do on that occasion.

At that very moment, the thought came to me that the arrival of a new year has always had so much importance to us not only due to its mediatisation and commercialisation but also because it comes as a promise of renewal of those twelve months. Some would see it as the endless cycle of life, repeating itself each year. Yet, as the sound of firecrackers roared around me that night, I felt renewed, just like the year.

When a year starts anew, we all most certainly feel like a new beginning. There’s a strong urge for planning, setting out dreams and aspirations and hoping that the 365 days waiting ahead will bring lots of opportunities to realise those. It’s just like we would be given a blank sheet  of paper and be free to fill it in whatever way we want.

So, that’s the fuss about the new year! It’s not only an occasion for festivities but also the chance to live it up again. A gift to appreciate and use thoroughly to make our dreams a reality. I therefore seize the occasion to wish you all a very special 2011. Keep going, don’t lose hope, life’s path sure has obstacles but overcoming them proves how we are persevering and so much ALIVE !!!

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 11 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 63 posts.

The busiest day of the year was March 12th with 110 views. The most popular post that day was Mauritians by luck.

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for diamonds, sad, gloomy sky, gloomy, and joomla logo.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


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The Green Attitude

In Events, General thoughts on June 4, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Being the World Environment Day today, I have been thinking about what to write exactly to make it sound like cool and interesting. Because, let’s face it, it’s common behaviour to drift off on hearing about sensitisation campaigns, alarming news about our planet Earth, ecological disasters etc…

My father being an officer at the Ministry of Environment, I have been brought up with a very different view – a green view – of the environment around me. I do admit that I might not be fully green but still I have been used to taking certain eco-friendly measures in my everyday life. Yet, this post is not again a list of eco-friendly gestures you may take, these can be found everywhere on the net you just need to ‘google’ it 😉 I ‘ve decided for this year, to bring forward some of those NGOs or other organisations in Mauritius that have taken as challenge to preserve our  ecosystem and their achievement so far. Thus, it could also help us  to have a better view of what is being done in our island and what has to be done for the welfare of our future.

1. Mauritius Marine Conservation Authority (MMCS) – NGO existing for 30 years in Mauritius, its main goal is to promote the protection of marine mammals and coral reefs through several ways like:

  • games and booklets to raise awareness and educate young people about the marine environment and its preservation
  • information signboards and posters on dolphins thus displaying rules and regulations to follow while going for dolphins watch
  • creation of artificial reefs to promote an increase in the population of marine creatures which depend on coral reefs to survive

among other several activities which can be found on their site. MMCS also has a Facebook page where updates about recent activities are posted and you can follow.

2. Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) – NGO actively involved in the protection and preservation of endangered endemic species of plants and animals in Mauritius. It has successfully been able to save species like the Pink Pigeon, the Mauritius Kestrel and the Echo Parakeet from extinction. A struggle which started in 1970 and became one of the world’s most succesful conservation stories.  The MWF has also undertaken the restoration of  Ile aux Aigrettes and Round Islands, both being important global biodiversity hotspots. The organisation also encourages University graduates to join in as either employees or volunteers. Another interesting point is their online shop where one can buy souvenirs and the money goes to the organisation’s fund.

3. Build Green Consulting –  The environment is not only about plants and animals but it is also the integration of man-made structures (buildings for instance) in the natural scenery. This is a bit what Build Green Consulting aims at. It offers consulting services to provide solutions in the field of Built Environment. It has become imperative nowadays to take into consideration the use of natural resources to make a building more environment friendly. It concerns using methods like:

  • Daylight / Solar analysis– a full analysis of solar access at different points of a building thus giving the opportunity to the project team to optimise the use of daylight.
  • Water consumption analysis – an analysis of a building’s monthly and annual consumption of water and devising strategies to save , re-use or recycle water.

More information about their services can be found here and also on their Facebook page.

There are many other organisations which also indulge in the protection and preservation of our environment but this article isn’t enough to bring them in the spotlight. I have picked 3 of them and again the few words I’ve written about them is just like the tip of the iceberg. Take some time and discover the wonderful work these people are doing. It is worth the stop. It can also make us much more aware about the different struggles being held in our small island to preserve its nature… And who knows, it might encourage us to be more responsible towards the protection of OUR environment and develop the ‘green attitude‘.