My projects

I still remember how I was thrilled when I was told that I would be working on Mauritian projects. The excitement was all about bringing Mauritius on the web ! I always felt like we really need to encourage Mauritian businesses to go online and explore the variety of  opportunities that it offers. So up till now, I have worked on the following:

Maurilait – my very first project where I was the only developer to work on the back end.

Mauritius Villas – this project is one of the most complex Mauritian site  undertaken at Netgroup. The best experience I gained from it was the integration of Google Map to the site.

Select Mauritius – yet to be launched, this is another touristic site where I spent a very little time but was sure another experience specially where we were told to plan out the project time budget.

ComparePrices – launched on the 15 september 2009, this site will bring a different aspect to the Mauritian web as it’s one of the very first Mauritian price comparator. ComparePrices allowed me to explore the OSCommerce framework and also brought the chance of working on a site with a different concept from the touristic ones.

CGI – a Joomla platform project where I actually had my introductions to Joomla but only briefly.

Cargotech – on the way to be launched, a preview can be seen for the time being. This project brought to me the opportunity to actually discover and work with Joomla.

There are also projects which had already been developed by Netgroup but where I had the opportunity to bring in some development and these are L’Aventure du Sucre and Connections.


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