About my career

This page stands as a milestone in my career, so far, whereby on this 22 september 2009, I am ‘celebrating’ 1 year of being a Netgrouper as well as a web developer.

One year ago, a dream began – the dream of exploring the world of web development as a professional and no more as a student. Today, after one year of ‘living my dream‘, I wish to put into words the experience I have acquired.Though one year is far from being enough to be a full fledged web developer – in my humble opinion – it proved to be some fruitful year and the quest for more knowledge and experience carries on…

To all aspiring web developers, I advise you to know your basics very well and to be always on the look for new advances on web technology. This is one trait of web development which actually attracts me the most – an ongoing evolution and trends. Besides, web developers-I have observed- have a keen eye for art also, in whatever form, it is – graphic design, photography, crafts etc…

As a young web developer I have always felt some kind of pleasure on starting new projects because it’s always a new adventure that’s starting with new designs and new functionalities, though some might be routine ones, but still each and every project has it’s own ‘identity‘ and the more you do the more you discover better and simpler ways to make optimized codes. The specialty with web development is the graphical issue that comes into play. Compared to working with Oracle for example, you are actually seeing the graphical outcome of your codes. It is not only about codes but also a finish product that has to have both the look and the feel. I personally view a web site as a chef d’oeuvre that needs both logical and graphical skills to come to life…



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