To an old friendship

In In my mind on February 28, 2012 at 4:23 pm

Dear old friend, do you still remember?

Our fun times, our saddest times?

Those where we’ve been hoping for luck to strike,

Those where we’ve been dreaming of where we would be.

Do you still remember?


It’s so strange how life can be.

Our journey was so rich and eventful.

I understand that today you’ve

Found your pot of luck and joy.

You may not believe it

But I feel so much happiness for you!


As for me, I still remain where I’ve been sent,

Away from this world, watching it,

Revolve, evolve and thrive as I wait…

Oh dear old friend, it feels like

So long since you went away.

I feel relieved though that all your

Agonies and pains have flown away.


I pray to God to keep you safe

And be blessed with that wonderful

Gift He sent your way.


Life has brought me to many shores

But I still sail waiting for the one that

Will accept me with open arms.


I know you’ve cared so much for me

I’ve seen how difficult it has been

For you to give it away.

But rest assured, I no more hold

Any grudge against you.


The day I realised how much joy you’ve found,

I lifted my eyes to the skies

And thanked the Lord to have blessed you.


Dear old friend,

May you always find your way

And may your beautiful dreams come true…


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