Forgive the Forgetfulness

In General thoughts on February 26, 2012 at 6:40 pm

I bet we all know at least one person who’s always forgetting hangout plans among friends, birthdays, weddings or even what he/she told you earlier. And I’m sure somehow you’ve felt that if they’ve forgotten something important, it’s because they simply don’t care.

Rest assured, I had the same feeling too but then I reflected upon it as I kind of joined in the forgetfulness from time to time.

Actually, they don’t do it on purpose neither are you less important to them. In fact it happens when your mind has a lot to process at the same time. When you are tackling several situations : work, home, family, friends and love in parallel in your mind, it becomes inevitable to forget one or two things.

If you could have a peep inside those persons’ heart, you’d definitely see how much they care for you and if you could peep inside their mind, you’d feel like lost in a maze! Different people think and process thoughts differently. Once again, they are not to be blamed for that. No, it is not a weakness nor a faulty brain functioning. This is what enables them to handle a lot of situations altogether. We all have our own ways to tackle problems/issues, this is theirs.

One big mistake never to commit is to expect them or force them to change. If you possess a red rose plant, why would you expect it to give white ones? It’s the same for them. It would only pressurise them and hurt them.

The best way would be to understand them first and then accept that forgetful habit. Come on, it’s not the end of the world! At least they are not forgetting who you are, what you mean to them and what they feel for you!

They won’t mind at all if you’d help to make them remember things. On contrary, it becomes like a lifebuoy at times in that sea of ‘things to remember’.

A very important point to note about forgetfulness, it’s that at times they might even forget about themselves. And this is where your help could simply save them from neglecting themselves. Holding grudges won’t bring you anything but bitterness whereas willingly holding out your hand to help them will make it happier and quite soothing to have you around.

This world is full of different people with different identities and characters. This is the beauty of it all! So, forgive the forgetfulness and learn to become that ‘reminder’ for them. In the end, see how life becomes simpler, easier and above all happier!


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