2011 – “I hate you, like I love you”

In General thoughts, In my mind on December 30, 2011 at 7:11 am

While people have been dreading 2012 for its prophesied end of the world, I’ve myself personally experienced the end of a world – mine more specifically. However, we tend to forget that every ending brings along new beginnings.

Hence 2011 brought about a terrible crash that slowly made me realise how life can be more beautiful once you’ve burnt, hurt and felt the true reality of it. It is often said that you can’t realise the value of what you have until you lose it. It is indeed true. Harsh times wake you up and forge your inner strength.

Life is that on-going training you receive to face whatever is coming ahead and the more you realise yourself and awaken your inner self, you find the way to follow to brightness and happiness.

With 2011 ending soon, I feel strangely more at peace with myself than I’d think. The bitter sorrows have faded to sweet contentment. Sure there are reasons for this to happen but the journey to that peace of mind wasn’t smooth at all. It is the relief you feel after going through storms, hurricanes, fires and crashes and realise that you can actually survive it all and that you’re not totally alone.

God helps those who help themselves. Indeed it is true, I’ve experienced it. I’ve been blessed with very special people who have been there to help the re-building of my lost world. Today, it is the best refuge I’ve ever had. I learnt about being on my own, about being my own support first and I’ve seen that sparkle in me die to revive as a stronger and brighter one.

Hence, I might very well say that I’m thankful for the pain and hard times. It came as an opportunity for self-discovery and transformation. Luckily I found treasured assistance from angels that came along my path. I’ve been hurt and pained but today I feel the preciousness of life and the intense joy of living it for it also gifted me with most wonderful times of my life. Farewell 2011 and thank you again!

N.B: This article marks my last one for 2011 as well as my 100th on SouOnline. Thank you beautiful people who inspire me and make life a gift to appreciate everyday !!!


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