Defining Bliss

In General thoughts on December 22, 2011 at 7:27 am

Photography courtesy of Kamlesh Jeeneea

Once again, I will not attempt to preach or deliver some discourse about any mysterious truth of life.

I will simply define the feeling of full satisfaction with life that one simple girl like me has and is experiencing.

No, bliss is not a myth nor is it impossible to attain and yes it involves living with a non-materialistic perspective.

I will not state that I’m fully out of the material world – yes I have cravings too! Yet, I’ve been able to find the silver line that demarks material and non-material life.

The most important factor would be to find peace inside of your mind. Peace does not mean having no worries. It means even if your life is troublesome (whose isn’t?) you are being able to accept it, deal with it and solve it with the best smile you’ve ever had. Some help and support are crucial in this endeavour. Therefore comes the second factor for bliss – love! Fill your heart with love, first for yourself then for others. Experience, then, its wonderful power. Don’t be mistaken though. Love is a deep value that this modern world has trivialised. Reach for the genuine one, that’s lying somewhere in a forgotten corner of your heart and let it free!

There you are, live it up now! Make the most of it. Seek for no more than the sweet feeling of contentment every morning you wake up till you sleep. No need for weeds brother 😉 It’s all inside of you, seek and find it! Bliss is the gift of appreciation you receive once you’ve found the beauty of being alive and human.


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