Finding the soul mate

In General thoughts, In my mind on December 20, 2011 at 10:46 am

This year, I’ve been given the opportunity to prepare on the spiritual meaning of marriage for a wedding celebration.

As I made my research from spiritual or holy books, I learnt much about how being in a couple can be spiritually enriching. Besides, it helped to understand how to determine who is right for us.

It is said that every human being coming on Earth has a soul and that soul is destined for a soul mate (more specifically a twin soul). No, it is not a legend, it is a fact. Two people join in matrimony by fate or destiny but also by this special link which exists between their souls.

Unfortunately, the very nature of this union has been trivialised over time. Marriages have become more like convenience matter, at times. In some cases, it is no more than a business contract to unite two big families.

If you’ve had the chance to attend a wedding where you actually felt that special bond between the bride and the groom, then you know exactly what I mean. Their spiritual energy, together, becomes so vibrant that the whole atmosphere is different and, as it is believed in Hindu religion, when a bride and groom come on the altar, they take the divine form of God and Goddess, you really experience this sensation.

Coming to the point about finding the right person for you, it is once again based on spiritual power. Your soul mate will be your source of energy and vice versa. Together, you both will radiate and become each other’s support and haven of peace.

A life partner is one who makes life easier and more pleasant to live. He/she will give you strength that you need to go through obstacles and will do it along with you.

Yet, don’t be mistaken that those who come across your journey through life to give you help and support could be your twin soul. A soul mate is different from everyone. You need more subtleness to identify him/her but if it is the right person then you shall be the only one to feel that unique vibration and energy that his/her presence will emanate and also feel yourself complete.

Altogether, finding the soul mate is also matter of chance as you might as well never come across the person or make wrong decisions that prevent you to meet him/her. Hence, if you have been lucky enough to come across the right person, don’t waste the opportunity that life and destiny are giving you…

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