My Punishment

In In my mind on December 1, 2011 at 6:48 pm

Each time the pangs of loneliness come hitting hard on me, I think of you. How you would tell me how lonely you were without me around.

Today, ironically, I feel that loneliness too. My pain is worse though as I’m surrounded by so many of my own but I still feel the wrath of loneliness over me. Maybe it’s meant for me to receive the punishment I deserve.

If today I cry alone, it is not for that pain in me but for the one I caused to you. My heart cries for the torments I put you through.

I am your culprit, I am the guilty one. And strangely this thought makes me accept my plight with a relieved mind. This is my punishment for leaving you behind, my punishment for letting you aside, my punishment for having been your reason to cry…

  1. Jab Hum hain to kya gham hain 🙂

  2. ^_^ Thanks for the support office neighbour 😛

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