Loving – the guys’ way

In In my mind on November 30, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Even if guys have feelings and emotions, they have that wonderful ability to still think logically and separate emotions from practical living with amazing calm.

They might have a storm raging inside them but you’d hardly see it if they choose to hide it from you. Unless, the bond you share with them is strong to decipher them right from a look.

They might not go crazy and hazy like us, screaming and hopping when we fall in love (ok not all girls do that but still we go ecstatic) but they might be those who are intensely loving someone- may be more than us.

I completely admire that special trait of you guys. How you manage to keep your composure in front of her, how you keep your calm and act so cool even if there’s an urge to tell what you feel. I think it’s the harder way to love, yet you do it so well.

And that’s actually how you identify true love in guys. The one they feel silently, the one they first take time to assimilate for themselves, the one that invades them but over which they have full control.

Then the day they step forward to spell it out, it comes like a wind of fresh air that surprises you on a very warm day. There’s no way to run from it or hide from it. The intentions are so pure and heartfelt that you are bound to melt.

Loving the guys’ way is intensely beautiful: a mixture of passion, patience, tenderness and calm. It’s that one state of mind that makes a man/guy the best person he could be as he’s discovered what real love can be…


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