“Pride and Prejudice” – revisited

In General thoughts on November 20, 2011 at 5:46 pm

I will not attempt to write like Jane Austen, far from that. I’m only referring to her famous book for the time of an article to voice out my angry thoughts.

It might seem petty matter for some but here in Mauritius, it is rather a challenge I’d say to be a modern, open-minded girl. Every step you take is like a risk you take on dangerous mine fields.

If you wish to be fashionable, smart and sexy – run the risk to be considered as a tramp and easy going girl.

If you wish to be friendly to everyone, find yourself free to talk to any guy without any further intention behind – run the risk to be considered as a ‘playgirl’. “There you are, she’s with someone else today! Pfff!”

If you feel at ease with your male friends and feel free to laugh out happily when they are around – run the risk of being called a mad cow or “Huh, just look how she’s over-reacting with those guys! Attention seeker!”

So, to sum up, if I base myself on those braggers,  if I want to be – oh sorry – to appear like a decent girl to them, then I’d have to give up my fashion taste, jovial mood, sense of friendliness and laughing habits. There! Done! Oh, what’s that? Do I hear them giggle now? What’s wrong now? Ain’t I decent enough? “What’s that not-so-cool style girl?”, they exclaim.

Oh well! Sorry for the expression but you might as well go to hell, dear braggers! ‘Cause anyway no matter what, no matter how and no matter who, the problem doesn’t lie in us but in the prejudices you hold in your mind. Hence, I’m quite sorry for you all as I’m not losing my pride of being who I am for wicked tongues!

  1. Write a few words on your personal blog, and you are considered as a rebel 🙂

  2. Agreed 🙂

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