I’m out of this world

In In my mind on November 12, 2011 at 8:22 pm

Call me a journey’s companion or a faint acquaintance, I’m here to accompany you as far as life agrees. I wish to bring you as much joy as I can;  not for you to always remember me but for you to smile to life and see how beautiful it can be.

And so I roam around, bringing along my positivism for you who’d like to receive some. No, my smile is not fake, it’s my pleasure to make you happy.

Yes, I know, our journey is not for long, don’t worry, I won’t ask you for anything to carry along. One who has no expectations except from oneself, loses no hope!

I do not ask you much in return of your friendship. I am already so blessed to have met you. As I see in our relationship, only a journey of companionship. I wish I’d stay longer or forever.

However, this is not my destiny. This is where I end my journey and another enriching will begin.

And this is how, I’m out of this world. Looking at it and you all from a distance. Being with you for a little while until I’m brought to new shores. Keep in mind though that throughout, I’ve been sincere to you. Every moment together are true treasures of my lifetime adventure…


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