The Path to being Selfless

In General thoughts, In my mind on November 8, 2011 at 7:48 am

I am no philosopher, no great soul nor a preacher, but I wish to share this rich experience of mine. Not to boast about nor to brag about but to communicate and express this wonderful feeling of being selfless.

Each individual finds his/her own way to forget his/her pains and worries. I have found one very rooted to the essence of our existence on Earth.

As far as I can remember, I’ve been always touched and moved by the plights of others. Always wishing to be able to do something to ease their pain. As years went, I gradually learnt that I have my limits yet that I can still do certain things to make the people around me feel better.

Compassion is the key word and compassion comes with understanding of others in their own stance. It might not be exactly putting yourself in their shoes, it is impossible. Yet, it’s about feeling their pain as your own and think what woud’ve made you feel good in such case.

Once you reach for helping others, giving them a little ray of hope, warmth and courage to go on, you completely forget your own worries. Suddenly, whatever was bugging you seems nothing, even meaningless. An unexpected peace of mind invades you and trust me there is no other intoxication that can make you feel that way!

My motive might seem selfish since helping others makes me feel good. However, this is the beauty of the gesture – your own happiness begins to lie in that of others and not only the one you enjoy on your own. It is said that whatever is shared is far more enjoyable than what isn’t. Indeed, it is true. Try it and see. Share a little happiness with anyone and feel the intense emotion of being fulfilling the most humane duty you could. It doesn’t need much: a little smile, some kind words or kind gestures and the world becomes a better one.

Immerse yourself in this ocean of care and love for others and see how much you get drenched with self-satisfaction and inner peace. We all have our own load of happiness, it’s useless being selfish or greedy about it. Give, give and give, without expecting anything and see how much you actually receive. You might be amazed by how much you get back, more than you could deal with! This is the beauty of it all, the beauty of being selfless…

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