Caught in a maze

In In my mind on October 21, 2011 at 2:26 pm

How do you react when you are submerged by thousands of thoughts of only one person? How can you possibly always crave to hear his/her voice or get just one lil peak of him/her to feel at least appeased from this huge thirst in you? When no matter who you are with, life seems boring because he/she is not around, what do you actually do?

What is this kind of maze you’re stuck in? When life seems so wonderful all at once and yet incomplete until you’ve heard from him/her.

It is like a strange addiction. Unless you’ve had your daily dose, you can’t be at peace with yourself. It makes you both strong and useless. It lifts you to the skies and throws you back with a big thud to Earth.

The feelings are so intense, your heart and mind find no synchronisation with each other. You feel like bursting with emotions, both happy and sad!

It gives you strength to rule the world but also scares you to the core with its intensity. There is a very deep feeling of being at peace with your inner self. There can’t be anything better than being you and the way it makes you feel confident and powerful is really amazing.

How can only one single person evoke all this in you? What do you do eventually? How do you retain yourself, how do you control this whirlwind of emotions? Who is to win here, your heart or your mind?

This thing, whatever it is, however it is, whatever name you may give to it, is sure driving me crazy. Yet, if it was a dream, I’d rather never wake up. As the song goes – “stuck in a maze, stumbled and bewildered”, this is actually when you find the best thing about you and it’s in someone else that you’ve found it…


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