Looking for new dreams

In General thoughts on October 18, 2011 at 7:16 pm

When long cherished dreams are shattered, it takes time to weave new ones. The heart and mind are scared of putting in the efforts and losing it all again.

Then for a certain lapse of time, we live without any long term aspiration. Life goes on a day by day basis. Why look further when nothing’s sure in the present itself?

Some hang on to their career as it is the only constant, at least, that can be planned and maintained in life. Yet, the absence of other personal dreams can make a person feel empty.

“Why would a person without any aim be living?” – such could then be the thought. Eventually, either one drowns in depression or decides to find new dreams.

At times it might be hard as there are too many unknowns. Dreams need a support to be first formed and later on realised. A support which assures us in a way that we can achieve what we are aspiring.  Then the beauty of making up plans for the future is to share it with special people. Hence, it takes to find those with whom we would like to build new dreams and live them up.

This is all about the journey of life, where aspirations are meant to change and who knows, maybe even altered in such a way that we couldn’t even imagine initially. Yet, life without ambition would have no meaning so better still to lose long cherished dreams and look for new ones  with unwavering faith.

  1. Just hang in there, Sou! I am bringing ice cream and waffles as reinforcements soon. 🙂

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