Love is not in the air, it’s in the arts

In General thoughts on September 18, 2011 at 6:43 pm

I’ve always considered artists, in which ever field, as blessed people with the boon of being able to express emotions in the most splendid way.

Besides, art is a form of nature itself and the best artist of all is God. Humans have only been able to reproduce the beauty of nature but He created it all!

Coming to my post’s title, it is mostly a tribute to all those great artists may they be musicians, painters, lyricists or even film directors who have so beautifully embedded that sweet feeling of love in their works.

I personally view arts as the best expression of love may it be melancholy, nostalgia, passion or simple, innocent admiration. You won’t find better description of these else where.

Some art works are so genuine in the feelings they evoke in you that they never lose their quality and prevail from generations to generations.

At times we might tend to think of that special beauty and intensity of  feelings expressed in arts as a manipulation on the part of artists. After all, it is utopia that they are describing to us. In real life you won’t find such intensity or do you? Or maybe artists are able to give shape to those feelings which not all of us can.

Hence, the belief that artists are blessed ones. They have the chance (or misfortune some would say) to actually depict what’s going on in their heart and mind. They are able to convey their emotions and at the same time evoke the same in us. Real magicians who have brought to life its softness and helped us to find refuge in it.

May it be happy or sad, a real master piece reaches for your inner self and touches you for life. The beauty of art is that it is open to everyone, it only needs you to open up to your feelings and not be afraid to immerse in them. Even if emotions hurt, even if they can make us weak at times, they are the proofs of us being alive. Expressing them to others enhances life and creates deep bonds. Artists have that innate in them, they see the world differently and thanks to them, I see it too…


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