Typical Sunday Morning (or so it seems)

In Events, General thoughts, In my mind on September 11, 2011 at 5:19 am

It happened again, I woke up early on a Sunday morning or rather I’ve been woken up early! No, not by my alarm clock – which strangely enough never succeeds in waking me up early ever (haha!). It was my parents again who actually disrupted my sweet Sunday morning sleep.

Oh dear Lord, why do parents wake up early on a Sunday? And even if they do so, why do they have to talk to each other as if they are turning deaf? Or why does it seem like they are having a loud discussion when it’s actually casual talk? I almost got alarmed thinking something bad had happened.

Oh no, now mum’s started to sing. Not that she sings badly (well maybe at times she misses the lyrics and comes  up with her own to compensate) but she really doesn’t need a microphone, damn it!

There you are, now dad’s burping out his breakfast as if he’s into a competition. Dear dad, yes you are indeed a winner, could you please stop practicing now?

Okay, I’d forgot that dad also enrolled into the “Big Happy Whistlers” competition. Or maybe he’s happy on digesting his breakfast… Dear dear, is it worth sticking to bed, hoping sleep will come again?

There, I got my answer, dad’s just reminded me he’s also into the “Big Loud Yawn” tournament. Guess, I’d rather get out of bed then.

But wait, what it this I hear? Ah finally, some sweetness in this oh so loud morning – very softly and a bit dimly in the background of all this, a lovely Bollywood love song playing on the radio. Okay, my smile is back 🙂 (yeah ’cause actually I’m grumpy when my sleep gets disrupted) and I’m happy I woke up to that tune – or so it seems.

Happy Sunday Folks!

  1. Welcome to the club! In time you’ll get accustomed to the loud noises. 🙂

    Nice video. Mine is
    It dates back to a time where Bollywood actors look like everyday people, didn’t wear expensive and trendy clothing, and had a belly instead of a six-pack; and when heroines actually looked like the girl next door and still looked good in a grandma-style ugly nightgown.

    Epic song! 😀

  2. Oooh I’ve not been accustomed until now and I don’t think I ever will since I’ve got light sleep!

    Yeah I think I’d even smile if I had heard this song too. And love songs are not about the actors or actresses rather the lyrics, tune and emotions they evoke 😉 At least for me 😛

  3. Ear plugs? :p

    Maybe I am nostalgic of those times, and I do have to agree with what you mentioned on love songs, but if I do find a hot tub time machine I’m jumping in! 😀

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