Those little pleasures of life

In General thoughts on September 10, 2011 at 9:13 pm

Life is the most wonderful gift we have. In these days of rush, we seldom take the time to really appreciate it as it deserves. This post lists down those moments in life that make it all worth living. Enjoy!

#1 Getting in bed with fresh bedsheets and your favourite pillow

#2 Having a warm cup of chocolate after drying up from being drenched in the rain

Hot chocolate

#3 Receive surprise gifts (specially when it’s not your birthday 😛 )

#4 Being hugged on a happy occasion (even on sad ones – it really comforts)

#5 Kiss someone and feel the thrill of that moment

#6 Waking up thinking it is a working day when actually it’s a holiday or the week end

#7 Bringing a smile on your friend’s face when he/she wasn’t really feeling high

#8 Making yourself comfortable to watch your favourite TV serie/anime

#9 Lie down under a filao tree and listen to the sea waves

#10 Being told how special you are by the person who counts the most

#11 Discovering you’re being secretly admired and cherished

#12 Cuddle up with your honey on a chilly day/night

#13 Eat your favourite dessert, and appreciate every bites of it

#14 Finally get your license and proudly drive your first car

#15 Being whispered ‘I love you’ in the ear at the moment you least expected it

#16 Go on an adventure with your friends – trekking,camping even fishing lol

#17 Try that little cute dress and find out it still fits (special girls one 😉 )

#18 Be appraised for your efforts or just reap the fruits of it

#19 Laugh out loud till your tummy hurts and you’re even in tears

#20 Receive a text message unexpectedly from someone who just thought of you

The list can go on and on and am sure you all do have more to add to it 🙂

  1. Yes, these are the little pleasures in life. The picture reminds me of my nephew 🙂 He is only two months and he’s just absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing your pleasures and reminding me to appreciate mine 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  2. You’re most welcome Lakia 🙂 Have a great week end as well 😉 and big smooches to your lovely nephew!

    Babies remind us that life is also about innocence and loving 🙂

  3. The first knife in a freshly opened cup of butter. Oohh.

    Finding a full maggot in an apple, instead of half a maggot. 🙂

    Drinking boiling-hot tea after eating chilli-filled rotis in the morning. You know the sensation I’m talking about.

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