The comfort of a touch

In In my mind on September 4, 2011 at 9:17 am

Everything seemed blurred and in a mess in her head. She fought with her emotions and couldn’t see where they would lead her. The feeling of being lost somewhere was intense and she felt herself drowning in it even further, every minute.

Suddenly, a strange warmth caught her and woke her up from that nightmare.The gentle grip of a hand over hers, like a promise of support and comfort. She felt rigid at first, unsure whether to respond to that soft gesture. Yet, the tenderness of that touch slowly caught up her feelings.

It came like a sweet moment of care and relief. Someone had been kind to care and show it. And even if the intention behind could have been something else, no matter what, the comfort it aroused in her made the instant magic.

She let go her inhibitions and opened up her hand to feel fully that warmth in her grip. She explored that soft, tender touch like a new found pleasure. For a few minutes, life had stood still. For a few seconds, her heart filled up with some long lost feeling of closeness. She was reviving that wonderful emotion of being cared for. She felt life flowing back in her and willingly got lost  in the moment.

When it all stopped, she felt happy for that small instant of comfort. She came back to reality feeling a bit less bitter. The touch of a hand had brought her a message of hope. It might not come again but at least it was one rare moment in her life where she had experienced differently the warmth of having a hand to hold onto.

  1. I think you unconsciously defined what the pursuit of happiness should be.

    But you are running after it, aren’t you? 🙂

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