The crying reflection

In In my mind on August 31, 2011 at 7:27 pm

She looked at her reflection in the mirror, her gaze going over her face and then looking deep into her own eyes. She searched for that spark, that glint that would once shine, everyday, every minute. It seemed to have faded out. At least, it had become temporary, which means it wasn’t lost yet. But till when? She just wondered…

There was this big fight in her mind whether to drown into despair and gloom or rise and shine again. She had lost so much and felt this sudden emptiness blow at her face like a wild gust of wind in a hurricane. She feared this world now.

As the tears slowly and silently rolled down her cheeks, she watched them in the mirror, amazed at how much more could be left after all this crying. She even started to find it beautiful, how emotions come out in droplets of tears, how they would gently well up the eyes and one by one, drop off her eyes through the eyelashes.

It’s true that crying won’t change fate but it helps to pour out some of the pain. Every tear drop held a story, a memory of the past, cherished for so long and now so painful to hold on to.

Crying in front of your reflection gives you company. It’s like being your own comfort in a moment of loneliness. And anyway, she’d learned that there’s no one more sincere to you than yourself. She pressed her hand against the mirror, still looking at her reflection. Looking at the spark in her eyes drowning in a sea of tears. She might as well bid it farewell. Keeping it would mean hoping again. Hoping again would mean risking herself to more pain. Let this be the flood that washed away her spirit or what was left of it…

N.B: I’d like to mention here that I wrote this long time back and recently came across it while reviewing my notebook. I felt it would be worth sharing and start a new category of articles on this blog.More to come soon…

  1. Is it me or do the posts The Crying Reflection and The Comfort of a Touch complement each other, even though the former was written way back before the latter?

    Personally, there’s no other way than “risking herself to more pain” – else there’s no reason to get out of bed in the morning…

  2. Yeah now that you are pointing it out, indeed they complement each other ^^ though this is pure coincidence I’d say 🙂

    Yes, with a clear mind it sounds logical that there’s no other way but with a broken heart it sounds risky 😉 and then you don’t even feel like gettint outa bed either :p

    Thanks for commenting I assume you appreciated this new category

  3. Like Borat said: “I like” 🙂

  4. […] The crying reflection […]

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