Loneliness at its best

In General thoughts on August 18, 2011 at 7:43 pm

One of my biggest fears in life has always been loneliness. I think it is a sequel of having been an only child for 5 years but that is another story.

However, recently, I’ve been experiencing loneliness in a different angle. “Face your fears and live your dreams” – the saying goes and maybe unconsciously, this is what I’m trying to do.

Anyway, I’ve found an unexpected inner peace in spending some time alone, with only myself as companion. Silence becomes the best soothing music and my mind finds itself free to let go.

It’s as if loneliness has transformed itself as a gateway to freedom. A special time of reflection, where I can actually review myself – a self audit 😛 . “What can I do to make my life better? How do I plan future things? What are my priorities now? What direction should I take? How can I become a better person?” It’s mostly putting myself in perspective, like taking a step back to envisage where I’ve come and where do I go now.

I mentioned a gateway to freedom because it is also a gift for imaginative minds. Time on your own allows you to dive freely into that pool of thoughts and immerse completely, traveling very far – real escapism! Then of course, you need to have control on the mind, not to lose the grasp about what’s reality and what’s imaginary.

Being alone also allows me to discover and observe life and things around me in a different light. Then only do I see those details that give sense to the big picture. It’s a bit like contemplating a huge puzzle and finding out which piece fits where…

Loneliness is therefore becoming a kind of refuge,where I can find myself. It brings comfort in a way, whereby after hectic days, you finally find some time of your own to focus about you. It is not being self centered but mostly to auto evaluate yourself and also to withdraw from this ‘oh so busy’ world to find some peace and refresh your mind.

  1. Did you manage to find the answers to the questions mentioned in the post btw?

  2. Well those are mostly recursive questions actually 🙂 in the sense that you keep asking yourself those questions as your life changes but some of them for the time being are solved 😉 for how long? no idea 😉

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