The Splendour of Hindu Weddings

In Events, General thoughts on August 13, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Wedding Photo by Doorgesh Mungur

Before getting along with this article, I’d first like to point out that this has no aim of demeaning other religious weddings. It is simply a blog post expressing my vision of a typical Hindu wedding, which I consider is culturally very rich and worth being shared with you all.

Actually the effervescence and excitement of a Hindu wedding starts right from the moment the preparations are on. However, real things start when the wedding venue is being set up and decorated. Then only the mood and atmosphere build up and it grows gradually as the venue transforms itself.

Spotlights, little led lights, flowers, shiny cloth drapes, colourful pooja ‘samaans’ and people buzzing around. All adding up to the magic of the wedding atmosphere. In the background you can hear kids running and playing around, ladies rushing here and there getting ready and attending for rituals/customs, catering service peeps getting busy with cooking the food, the fragrance of the special curries lifting up in the air and also Bollywood wedding songs playing to enhance the ambiance.

Among all this, there is also the bride/groom getting tensed and excited as the H-hour approaches; congratulated as guests keep coming and going and meanwhile preparing for the rituals. The moment, I believe, is even more intense for the bride as she not only prepares herself to start a new life with her beloved but also to leave her parents’ home.

There is a mixture of tension, pressure, stress but also of celebrations, happy tidings and unforgettable moments spent with dear and close ones.

As the venue fills up, there is literally a festival of colours as women come in all decked up in their most beautiful attires and shining jewels. Each looking elegant and gorgeous for the special occasion.

However, there is nothing more beautiful than the bride and the groom on the altar, both shining in their wedding attires, specially the bride. If you look closely, you might see an aura of brightness around them, making the moment worth a “picture moment” as we’d say. their smiling faces, the proud groom, the blushing bride and the happy gaze of the parents make it more merry while the chants of the priest and the holy fire make it more solemn.

Sure such weddings involve quite some expenses but I’ve always liked how splendid they look, no matter their grandeur. They change the atmosphere and bring a very special feeling. A moment to meet relatives, have fun and celebrate the union of two souls. It is for sure a very tiresome event but still it is one big event in one’s life not to be missed 🙂 .

P.S: This article’s photo is courtesy of Doorgesh Mungur and more of his works can be seen here.

  1. You forgot to mention the live band playing after dinner during Safran, with the uncles (aka chacho) with drinking problems opening the dance floor with ‘bhaley bhaley’. ;D

  2. Haha yeah epic moment I’ve omitted lol !

  3. More than epic, its legen… wait for it…

  4. DARYYYY 😉

  5. No, no, no.

    It’s DAIRY! LEGEN(hope u are not lactose intolerent)DAIRY. 😀

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