A Tale of Sisterhood

In General thoughts on August 13, 2011 at 5:12 pm

Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu festival celebrating the bond between a brother and a sister, is being celebrated today. However, having no brother (at least born from my parents 😉 ), I am dedicating this article to that special bond between sisters and more specifically between me and my sister. A relationship which I am very grateful to have and I must say one of the deepest and most true in my life…

It all started right from the day I had asked God for a little sister, as I was feeling too lonely. I remember vividly that day where I asked for a sister just the way the Queen in ‘Snow White’ has asked for her daughter – fair skin, silky black hair and red lips (childhood fantasy and innocence I’d say 😉 and my sis owes me big time for this haha 😛 ).

Then the day my mother had returned home with my baby sis, I was extremely excited. I’d finally get a play mate. But I was soon disappointed that she was too small to even sit on her own, so I’d have to wait a bit more.

I remember the ‘jealousy’ days. Having been the only child for 5 years, I had been used to all the attention. I would even hate it when my parents would buy us similar clothes – ‘uniform’ – I’d tell them.

Years went and my sister was old enough for us to play. Ah those sweet childhood moments! Not to mention the fights! I’ll always cherish those days where time was at a standstill, imagination was our best toy and we’d play hours together immersed in our imaginary world.

As I reached adolescence, a new gap grew between us. The big time of clashes between a kiddo and a teenager. I could say I’d distanced myself from her during all my teenager years. She found puberty hilarious then, I found it not so great (lol).

Yet, later on, as I’d entered my very early adult years, the gap began to close. It was her turn to go through adolescence and unexpectedly she had turned towards me for advice and confidence. I felt our bond tightening up again. I was finally able to share my teen years with her, though with a time delay.

Today, the bond is stronger than ever. Maybe that’s why some people see us as twins (haha) ! I still don’t like the similar clothes thing (except to see confused looks of people on seeing us together 😛 ) but no more jealousy or gap. I simply am thankful for that day God answered my prayer. No matter what happens in life, I know I have her as my very own, a truth which can’t be denied in anyway.

This tale of sisterhood is sure to be continued, with more endeavours, petty fights, happy moments and memories to cherish all life long. Unconsciously, she has become a very best friend and might very well be one of the rare persons to know me so deeply. It is my heartfelt wish that this special bond between us remains as such if not flourishes even more as time goes on as it is one of the best gifts life has given me!

  1. long live sisterhood between sou and your sis !! 😉

  2. Lol Jai Ho Sisterhood 😛

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