Sou(is)Online since 4 years

In General thoughts on August 3, 2011 at 6:46 pm

I actually realised this when a new friend asked me for how long I’ve been blogging.

It’s exactly 4 years today that SouOnline was born. Blogging for me is mostly to put into words those thoughts in my mind and feel relieved of their burden, at times 😉 As far as close friends, relatives and other acquaintances are reading and enjoying, I feel satisfied of SouOnline’s performance in terms of audience.

Writing is mostly how I express myself, I even used to share my day to day diary or short stories with my school friends to let them read. Blogging gave it all a new dimension.

Hence, SouOnline is my opinion and vision of life. I believe one can easily  decipher my character through reading my articles. Though it might be kind of exposing myself, writing on SouOnline is one means of getting rid, to some extent, of tensions or hard feelings and at times even happy thoughts to be shared with the world. Besides, I’ve always preferred being clear and sincere in whatever I do. It goes like the song:”I am who I am, I stand where I stand, when you look in my eyes, you get what you see.” No hidden agenda, only and simply this “whirlpool of thoughts” that exists in my mind and which can be controlled in some manner by this blog.

Well, this is a short post, to mark these 4 years of my blogging. I’m personally quite happy to have blogged so long though there are “dry times” 😉 I hope to continue with SouOnline soon to be hosted on a special domain name 🙂 Till then keep reading and giving feedbacks in whatever manner you like 😀 It always feels good to know my articles are being read!

  1. happy birthday to your blog..

    that would be nice if u had a domain name..

    overall your blog is very interesting to read.. we can say if some1 want to know you atleast 50% he/she must read your blog…

    Keep the good job done… 😉

  2. Nice wish you more years of blogging 🙂

  3. Happy Anniversary SouOnline 😀

    and keep blogging 🙂

  4. Thanks Rak 😀 Mo blog si Leo kuma toi hihihi

  5. Thanks Rikesh, so nice of you 😀
    Thank you Mr. A, that’s encouraging 🙂

  6. Api beufday! Cotte gato la? ;D

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