Heal the world

In General thoughts on July 29, 2011 at 10:59 am

Every morning when I get to work I see the cleaning service ladies busy with their work. Very often however, I find them facing very ‘crappy’ situations. It would always surprise me how come educated people, with decent jobs can behave as such towards others who are lower in the job hierarchy.

It wouldn’t hurt anyone to be a bit more considerate if not show some understanding or at least some respect! We can’t just keep on with the idea that it’s their job and expect them to do everything without complaining. Are we forgetting they are humans too? How is it related to their job to get rid of your rotten maccaronis from the office fridge and wash your stinking food container?

I don’t think it would kill us to simply imagine ourselves in their place. I know this world has compelled us to become indifferent but still, is it worth it? If we all sit and wait for others to be nice and THEN only shall we reciprocate, then am sorry to say that this world will only be full of rocks!!!

I simply think it is too easy to think about how others treat us before considering being nice to them. Let’s try to make this world a better one. Let’s start with the very least effort, if it seems too difficult. It won’t cost much, it won’t even reduce us. It’s simply showing respect for others. Smile and the world smiles back at you. Be the ray of hope and receive a shower of love from those you’ve come across on your path. Don’t let this make you weak, being nice is a strength, learn to use it.

Together, we can all start to heal our own world. In the end, this would heal us all and comfort us that there are still humans in this world!!!


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