The game of flirt

In General thoughts on July 26, 2011 at 11:29 am

It’s been quite a while now since I’ve been observing this. It’s that game they call flirt, that exciting and enticing part of a relationship – no matter its degree of seriousness.

I found myself finally identifying a similar trend even if the personality differs from one guy to another. However, very quickly the shine and glitz of it all faded. It dawned very soon – the game has no end nor a beginning. You only feel as a prey in the end.

Who’s real and who’s fake, it’s all a matter of perception. How far you want to get involved or being fooled also depends on you. It’s all a game of strategies and moves. At times it’s fun, at times too cliché to appreciate or at times too nonsensical to accept.

It also gets more complex when you are told not to be able to understand their feelings. Quite contradictory I’d say because they themselves were looking for some fun time. Then where have feelings come from? And since when is it you who’s the one without sentiments??? It then becomes clear – you are not being treated as insensitive, you’re just being treated as an acquaintance who isn’t that close to understand their problems.

Yet, I won’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Let’s face the truth, who doesn’t like some nice good flirt in life? Specially when being single. However, when you wake up one day and think it over, you wonder who finally can you hold on to? When all the fun talks are over, when you’ve said goodbye, who is left there to actually share your life with? It’s even more deceiving when you find out that those you thought were close and real have no more intentions than some frolicking too.

Things I think get a bit worse if sex gets involved, but this is another level I’ll let others testify. My venture in this limits itself to the virtual world.

Then maybe too much of something kills the interest or maybe there comes a phase in life where all this matters less than having someone real, sincere and permanent.

Anyway the human mind and heart is quite fickle. Today it might wish for a long term relationship and tomorrow get tired of it and wish for some momentary happiness.

In the end, it’s up to you to figure out what you want. This game is sure not for fools!

P.S: For those who think the list of observations has been very long, well rest assured it wasn’t but even for this few, the similarities are very obvious 😉 And no regrets or grudge held against anyone.

  1. u should post it on wikipedia !! 😛

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