This Crazy Mind

In General thoughts on June 17, 2011 at 8:29 am

If there’s one thing that keeps wandering, it sure is the human mind!

At least I can testify with mine about this! When I’d ‘taglined’ this blog with “a whirlpool of thoughts” (I know it doesn’t appear now – blame it on the new theme), it wasn’t only for namesake.

At times, I even wonder if I’m not getting out of sanity limits. Do you folks too?

Anyways, don’t worry, for the time being I’ve been managing it quite well, I might say. Although I’ve had my depressing days, nearly touching the bottom and lucky enough to find helping hands from special friends.

This mind is sure crazy because it changes mood in a blink of the eye, without me even understanding what happened. Oh, you might say : “Well the oestrogens working there girl!”, but seriously, girls do have mood shifts yet not so sudden and often ^^. I might be too tired (mentally) with a new demanding job and a big life changing event to add to it. All this to say that I didn’t expect I could go through so much in such a short time. Yet, I do realise that life has more eventful and inevitable moments waiting for me (same for all of us) and it makes me wonder how much stronger I should get to face these too.

My remedies for the time being are as surprising too as they range from a simple smile from a stranger/acquaintance to an all time favourite song or even the beautiful sight of nature exposing sheer life’s colours even if it is raining!

Well then so it is. This crazy mind sure makes me hazy and dizzy but I love the way it makes me see the world today. It is incredible how your vision of things around you can change and how clearer it can appear! The pleasure of realising that there’s always a “bright side of the moon”  😉 .


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