Life is not always candy sweet

In General thoughts on June 2, 2011 at 5:06 pm

I might have been too innocent to believe in life being “all is well” or maybe too surrealistic. Closed in my bubble, happy as can be. I had forgotten that any little bump could break it all.

Hence the fall was sudden and deep. An abrupt awakening to the hardships of life. Though I try to build up that cocoon again, it won’t be the same. I guess this is what is called growing up…

Nothing’s really given, everything is achieved. Maybe before I didn’t realise the efforts I had to put in to realise my dreams, maybe then the meaning of walking towards my dreams was totally different. It’s only when you stand helpless to your weaknesses that you discover your real strengths. Yes, life is not always candy sweet, it can be so bitter, you feel you’ve lost.

Then a new day is born and you feel the warmth of life caressing you, as if making up for being so hard on you. Out of fear of being hurt again, you try to resist but since we all wish to live, you come back on track.

It might not be a rosy journey but it is a beautiful story of woven bonds and relationships. Some break while others tighten up unexpectedly. So far, in this battle to keep smiling, all I wish is to make others happy because in their joy I’ve found some of mine too. Until the sun shines again and my bubble flies again, I shall keep faith and even if I sink into despair, I hope to be saved by  some helping soul…


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