The pleasure of reading

In General thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 1:19 pm

Yes, I did use a title with “pleasure” and “reading” together! In this information technology era, it might have become obsolete to actually read but I still believe nothing’s better than actually reading a story than seeing the movie for instance. In fact, the idea of writing this post came to me as I was reminiscing with a friend  how wonderful reading is.

I do miss those happy days where I’d go at the municipal library with a huge excitement in my heart as I would look at all those books waiting to be discovered! Unfortunately, as I told my friend, there was mostly Mills and Boons ones and I wasn’t quite a fan (I know, weird for a girl to say that). Then I was lucky that my parents registered me to the British Council. Again, every time I’d step in to change books I felt this great excitement inside me like “which new world am I going to discover this time? Will it be some crime investigation, some fantasy world or a literature classic?” This is in fact what makes reading a big pleasure – the freedom of imagination, the feeling of escapism. If you are a big reading fan too you’ll understand what I mean. There’s no movie or any other hobby (not even the play station) which can actually replace this.

Why so? Well simply because when you read, you actually imagine the scene yourself while say in a movie, it has already been depicted to you on the screen. Let’s take “Alice in Wonderland” for example, those who read it then watched it am sure can say that the way they had imagined it and the way  it was in the movie were two complete different things. The same goes for “Harry Potter“, “Twilight” and any other book adapted on the big screen.

In fact whenever I watch movies adapted from books, I feel like “Oh dear I was so wrong, so this is how actually it looks like!“, which hurts my imagination. We have all been blessed with a mind and the capacity to imagine and create, that is how the author did write a book and the director made the movie. Yet, the magic of books lies in how others interpret it! I bet if we had to actually depict how Harry Potter‘s fan have imagined Hogwarts, we would have had various different versions! I think this is what we actually call art, since art is the expression and the interpretation of one’s creativity. Expression is when the artist gives life to his/her imagination and Interpretation where the public understands that creation and deduces something out of it.

I still hope to go back to reading some day, when I’d be less busy, and then revisit or discover magic worlds. Those of you who are still into it, keep it up and those of you who are thinking to start, way to go guys!!! Besides, if you haven’t been a big reading fan, don’t try to influence your kids. They might actually like it, just let them decide 🙂

  1. I can’t help finding myself some years back, when reading was one great hobby of mine 😛
    As you I was soooo disappointed about Hogwarts, Ron’s house, the ministry and so on -.-‘
    I really hope one day I could get back to reading 😦

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