Romance isn’t dumb at all

In General thoughts on June 7, 2010 at 7:32 pm

There might be a common thought that romance is only for girls or sissies. It has always been hard for some men to acknowledge their true feelings and express them out – fearing this would kill their manly image. Well guess what guys, romance is nothing demeaning at all, specially for your loads of testosterone!

Though being romantic requires you to be sentimental, it doesn’t mean you should get all emotional and break into tears for her. We are not even asking you to effeminate your behaviours. Romance is about yourself and showing your love to your beloved. There is no ONE way to be romantic, though there are classics – flowers, soft music, champagne, chocolates etc. A romantic gesture can vary from a very simple hands holding to the big show like candle light dinner with a violinist playing while you share champagne with her.

Anyways, these are also cliches. Romance varies between couples. At times it’s unspoken words that do it all by simply exchanging looks or doing little things like remembering what he/she likes to eat and bring it in for lunch/dinner. If we think about it, it’s how you actually show to the other person that he/she counts.

Romance happens everyday and it’s how it makes couples last. Also it’s quite wrong to think that it kills the libido. On contrary, it might very well lead you to some happy hours in bed (or anywhere else. 😉 ) later on. It’s always so great to know you’re special to someone and it’s even better when you’re being told or showed. Romance could be described like the special way for lovers to turn their partners into stars. It brings out their uniqueness in the spotlight.

It could also be considered as the language of love but which can be spoken in various different ways by anyone (even machos). You just need to find your own local version. 😉 Remember that memories are life’s best treasures and romance makes memories the best treasures ever! So go ahead and be romantic in you own special way.

  1. I have finally found some time to check my blog roll! Been missing out on your articles! 😦
    And this one is great! Time for those guys to understand that to be romantic is not to be girly! it is all about the feelings and simple gestures!

  2. Yeah guys need to be explained everything isn’t it? 😛

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