Not so idiot!

In General thoughts, Movies on January 24, 2010 at 5:39 pm

The title of the movie, ‘3 Idiots’, might discourage some from watching it. For sure it raises questions like what kind of movie might this be? Is it yet another nonsensical  comedy? But when we consider that this is a Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s production, and that Aamir Khan is the main actor, it calls for viewing without hesitation!

On a quite jovial tone, the movie depicts the life of students in India, where the competition is indeed very fierce. It brings forward a lively Aamir Khan who tries to bring a new approach to the way students are being taught and are learning. Though the subject of the movie is a very serious one, the film maker has been able to keep a light atmosphere. We are subtly and ludicrously presented with the various difficulties students have to face. Behind the pranks and jokes each student has his own sad story and tries to live it up with the hope of giving it a happy end some day… This movie is also a message to every parent – let your children live their dreams too, don’t be too selfish in making them realise what you couldn’t, it might altogether ruin both their happiness and yours.

As far as the educational system is concerned, I found some similarity to our Mauritian one, where the emphasis is more on how to pass exams rather than how to get more knowledge. In the movie we find a main character who is thirsty for knowledge, ready to go to school not to end up rich and successful but knowledgeable enough to find his way out of the problems of life. I personally, do not remember having experienced the pleasure of really learning something out of sheer desire for knowing things! Although I have been studying subjects of my own choice, I really never felt the satisfaction of a thirst for knowledge being quenched.

We studied science, not to understand its wonders but to simply answer exams’ questions well. Finally when my secondary studies were over, I was absolutely fed up of it all and wished to change field. However, tertiary level was not so different, though I came to understand one thing – if you do not understand the very basics of a subject, it’s why and how, you will never be able to understand it ever. By-hearting things will only make us pass the exams but this will not help in applying our lessons to real life experiences. Unfortunately for us not all lecturers were able to convey this. Some of us were completely lost while others were blindly following what they heard and saw. We can’t even blame our teachers or lecturers. There are some who have the real passion of teaching but are easily considered as not good enough because they do not teach the traditional way!

Coming back to ‘3 Idiots’, this is not only a full package of entertainment but also a very deep message being spread. As far as possible let your children follow the path of their destiny and may they find studying an enjoyable journey. Yes, education is important for a brighter future but it’s of no use if it makes your child miserable and less dependent on his own judgement and understanding. The message is therefore loud and clear : “Choose excellence – Success will follow”…

  1. I have some specification to make – when I say ‘let your children live their dreams too’ I am not referring to simply letting them do whatever fantasy come sin their head. It’s more about listening to what they desire rather than just imposing on them.Of course it’s not always their choice that’s right and parents are there to provide guidance. It’s all about mutual understanding…

  2. I haven’t seen the film but I clearly get your point on education. I am lucky to teach here in France where the approach is really different from what I experienced in Mauritius. Here, a lecture is more of a workshop with interactive discussion in a field as complex as SEO and luckily, I am allowed to get my students to have practical exams rather than just spitting things out on paper.

  3. Yeah we lack this approach of making students apply what they are learning rather than recite it!

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